Thursday’s Special: Gold Inside

Sunset in Amsterdam
Thursday’s Special challenge is Gold Inside from Paula at Lost in Translation.

Today ‘s Guest Challenge credit goes to photographer Ron, asking us to the search for´gold´ inside, focusing on natural light in interiors. Check his blog and enjoy great photography.

My interpretation is using gold outside.

I took the first photo last week, immediately after sunset. The colors of the sky were simply amazing. What you see is what I captured, as this photo is not post edited. I used a Olympus E-M10 and and EZ lens 14-42 mm at f3,5-5,6 set at ‘auto’.

We had just crossed a tunnel and had this image staring at us. Hopefully I wasn’t driving, so I asked my husband to cut the speed, opened the window and clicked, hoping to not blur it.

The ‘gold’ is inside, in this dramatic layers of colors offered by nature.

The second interpretation is a gallery of images taken early July after sunrise in Amsterdam, at one of my preferred places. Those who know me will recognize the place. I used a Olympus E-M10 and EZ lens 14-42 mm at f3,5-5,6

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54 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Gold Inside

  1. I love all of these takes, but i would like to display the sunset bridge reflected in the car window if I may. Muito, muito obrigada, Lucile!


  2. Lucile, I like your interpretation of “Gold Outside”! Especially the second pic of the famous bridge being reflected in the car door as the sun reflects ! Perfect capture:))


      1. Hi Lucille, ah, Borneo eiland, until I left Holland 6 years ago I was living near Westerpark in Amsterdam, great city, actually, one of the best, but could do with little better climate 😉
        Groet, Ron


        1. Hi Ron, so lived at opposite sides of the harbor area!
          How could I disagree with you relating to the weather!! It’s often dreadful. We’re enjoying such a great summer this year that I cannot believe sometimes! Better not talk about it as it may rain again!


          1. I heard dutch summer is treating you well, but you´re from Brazil originally? So guess that needed some adjustment 😉
            How long have you been in A´dam now?
            do miss Dutch summer enthousiasm!
            Groetjes, Ron


  3. I love the way that you’ve captured the light at just the right moment, often turning every day settings into works of art. The third and fourth are a tie for my favorites.


    1. The advantage of being an early bird is that the sun as a subject is the same everyday (if it’s not cloudy), and that helps me training my eyes to see more, to search for new perspectives. I’m so happy you liked it! Thanks Lisa!

      Liked by 1 person

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