Cover Makeover Wrap Up – Week 1


Wow, we are so excited by the wonderful response to our new Weekly Photo Challenge –  Cover Makeover, hosted by the Photo 101 Rehab Clinic.

The details of this week’s challenge will be in a new post on Thursday, but we first wanted to showcase the fabulous cover makeovers from last week. We had 9 wonderful covers – here they are with the links to their blogs – please go for a visit. It was interesting to learn what programs and apps people used to create their covers.

A Meditative Journey with Saldage:


Deb’s World:


Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist:


The Beespeak:


DisperserTracks: (2 entries!)


Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns:


Silver Threading:


Perspectives On…. :



Coffee Fuels My Photography 



We are so happy to see all of your covers and we look forward to seeing you participate again this week.

Desley & Lucile


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34 thoughts on “Cover Makeover Wrap Up – Week 1

  1. It’ so interesting to see how different people have come up with different things. One title, so many different interpretations.

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  2. Aren’t we all clever? Love all the different takes on this. Well done everyone. Next time I’ll make sure I put in my process of doing the cover makeover as well. I was too intent on just getting it done to think of saying how I did it 😀

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  3. All these are amazing! I enjoyed seeing the different interpretations yet with a similar flair…Congrats to all who participated!

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  4. What a great idea for a challenge! I really like the variety of responses and am amazed at how professionally done each one looks. It is such an interesting idea because I am drawn to pick up each one and learn more about the story inside. Really well done!

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