Tea Time #12

While chatting with my friend Desley, from Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist, I prepared a Oolong teapot to bring to Justine at Eclectic Odds n Sods’s Tea Time Tuesday monthly event. Today she is offering chocolate tea – what a treat!

I am very frugal today and have no cookies to offer.  I am feeling a bit guilty though. All I have is a box of chocolates that my husband got from his daughter at Father’s day. With Desley’s approval and encouragement, I have eaten some of those, but I had to leave some for him as well. Sorry.

The best is that you join me and we go together to Justine’s blog. There is always tea, coffee, delicious cakes, cookies and even booze.

Let’s go!

36 thoughts on “Tea Time #12

  1. Lol I cannot believe you ate gifts given to Durk by his daughter for Father’s Day that is so so naughty!! You should have a very guilty look on your face right now whilst drinking your Oolong Tea lol. Tsk tsk

    However thank you for coming to tea I shall save you some chocolate tea for when you next come over which will be in the not too distant future right? 😀

    Big hugs ❤ ps thanks for the shout out xx

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