I long for BadFish posts. And when I get the notification with his link to the Photo Rehab, I know my day will be complete.
This one is no exception.

The seven shades of disappointment in a rainbow, flowed in a very smooth and sensitive manner, slowly bringing me to pause and pay attention in every single word. I felt there was a surprise coming up from your inertia, though. Words full of subtle meaning building up, preparing to surprise me at the end.
The colorful and breathtaking photos popping up as a fresh breeze, sending away the smell of cigarettes, incense and butt.
Then you knocked me out of the ring with these words:
” Sometimes, apparently, you are the person you are right now, not the one you’d planned to be. And everything is still all right in the world.”
I resurfaced and kept my cool, avidly reading…but you came back with no mercy..
“Sometimes, maybe you actually want the law of inertia to kick in, you want things to remain the same, you want Pluto to be a planet, you want buildings to stand where they always have, you want friends to be there when you return.”
I miss my bro, whose birthday would be today, and I can not go to the party, for he might live in Pluto right now.
You didn’t make me sad. On the contrary. Harmony comes with tasting sweet and sour and recognizing the differences. The Beatles are right after all. Let it Be.

Thanks BadFish. Another masterpiece.

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Lei vendor -- with all the colors of the rainbow Lei vendor — with all the colors of the rainbow

WHEN MY AIRBUS A330 LANDS IN KATMANDU’S Tribhuvan International Airport, my heart leaps with what might be called sheer excitement. Joy. Satisfaction. Wonder. Anticipation. As though this were my first journey anywhere. I have been waiting to visit Katmandu for years. And ten years earlier, I had actually been on my way and traveled half-way here, but I got side tracked in Thailand by a dubious and eclectic group of new-found friends, by a beach and a house with a view any gypsy would be proud to call home for a while, by a spiritual entity with a leaning toward sensuality, and by some pretty-heavy-duty Thai flowers. None of us smoked and certainly would never have inhaled; we just liked looking at the dried flowers and the ingenious way the Thais bundled the stuff with sticks—Asian capitalist marketing at its…

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16 thoughts on “7 SHADES OF DISAPPOINTMENT IN A RAINBOW: Katmandu in better times

  1. I’ve just commented on Badfish’s post there, it’s wonderful. And I read your comment there as well. I’m so glad it gave you the reaction that it did 🙂


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