Focus on Animals: Tech of the Month in the Photo Rehab

“Animals are challenging subjects. They move, they don’t listen and they might not even let you get close enough for a good shot. Great animal pictures require patience, a lot of practice, and often the right gear. This month, we will start to practice. Don’t worry too much about the gear yet, we will also focus on approaches to get by without that super fancy and super expensive photo equipment.”

That is the challenge from blogger Perelincolors in her post Tech of the Month, which is also a monthly feature at this blog’s Photo Rehab.

“The key challenges in animal photography are distance and speed.”

Well, she is absolutely right. I took my Olympus E-M10 and a 60 mm lens (120mm equivalent) to make my photos. Here are the results.

The first one is an experiment. I made several attempts to catch some seagulls flying low along the canal where I live in Amsterdam. Many shots went wrong and this was the only one I could rescue.

Exposure 1/2500 at f/2,8 ISO 200

The second shot is from a couple of Great Crested Grebes, who are my neighbors in the canal where I live. I find them beautiful water birds. They were performing a sort of ‘ritual dance’, moving sideways in synchronicity. I shot them several times, and made a short video, and chose this one to share with you.

Exposure 1/160 at f/2,8 ISO 200

Here I introduce you to their offspring swimming with their mother. This shot was a bit more difficult to get without compromising sharpness. I had made better ones but I did like this composition with the little one getting a lift from mummy. The featured image is also my preferred of them.

The adults have head and neck decorations. The young ones have striped black and white heads. They lose these markings when they become adults.

Exposure 1/320 at f/4,5

This shot goes especially to Gidget and Teddy. Maybe a new friend in Amsterdam? This French bulldog was in front of shop I had just visited. He was in between sleep, mediation or yoga 😉 …turning his head from side to side and not cooperating with me. That is what I got.

Exposure 1/80 at f/5,6 ISO 640

This other dog (maybe a terrier?) was just next to the Frenchie, but looking very sad. I can understand one can feel like that when inside a cage.

Exposure 1/80 at f/5,6

And finally, I met this dog while walking at the park. From distance I saw that he was playing with his owner and another dog but the moment I got close to them they stopped. So, not much action to shoot here but I found him gorgeous. You may have noticed that I am not a dog’s connoisseur. I think it is German Shepherd. Do you know it?

Exposure 1/200 at f/3,5 ISO 200

I hope you enjoyed the seagull, the Grebes, and the dogs. They are all very cute, aren’t they?

Thanks Ms. Colors for this challenge. I greatly enjoyed learning more and practicing the shutter speed.

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48 thoughts on “Focus on Animals: Tech of the Month in the Photo Rehab

        1. I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you a smooth recovery.
          And don’t worry about being behind in reading or writing. We are always here for you. There is no such thing as being behind. You blog when you can. ❤️

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  1. Oooh lala what a gorgeous Frenchie of course the other shots are amazing but what a cutie pie and looks like a bitch by the long lashes and erm pink lead hehe.

    I always get bums when I try to shoots animals x


  2. It had been a long time since I ve seen those animals 🙂 The Frenchie’s looks says it all: “come on lady, give me a break”. Love it, can only be Frenchy to look so bored but still classy 😉


  3. I love animals. I think these shots are brilliant. I feel so sorry for the terrier. I want to give it a hug!


  4. Uh, that French bulldog has character! And the ducklings are cute, I should go and check out if there are any on our river too. Here, they usually don’t have these pretty stripes though.


      1. Yup, I guess. I just cancelled my ticket to Amsterdam and USA. Don’t know where I’ll go, if anywhere for summer. Maybe just sit and do a Lucile.


  5. I know this is an animal post, and I do love those dogs, but what really jumped out at me was the water! The birds look great, but all of those shots capture the rippling water so well.


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