Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro

I am joining Lens and Pens by Sally, who hosts each Monday the Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. 

As I was thinking about what to shoot this week, I looked around at my office and saw this twisted natural fiber rope on the table. I wondered how the image would look like as it has so  much texture.

I tried color and black and white. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Photos taken with an iPhone 6 using camera + app for macro.

The schedule theme for this week’s challenge is: Macro


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

50 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro

  1. Great subject for the challenge that becomes a nest for contemplation–or a hide-away for sacred objects. Sometimes it’s amazing how the mind responds to an image, especially a macro. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. I’m not sure that a thick rope lying on an office table is a good sign :-O Suicidal thoughts? Aside from the morbid associations, your rope is excellent and I couldn’t choose between colour and b&w – they both have a distinct effect, but a great one in both cases.

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    1. Lol you’re hilarious! I was missing your comments.
      No suicidal thoughts though. I had asked someone to buy rope one can use when cooking and I got this one instead. Lol. I have it for no use now but I’m afraid it is too weak and wouldn’t help anyone with morbid thoughts!
      Thanks for liking these humble photos. You’re too kind.

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  3. Wow, you’ve captured the very essence of macro here! The photos are so full of detail and the rope literally pops out from the page. The color one shows the different shades of tan, beige and brown so well…of course, the B&W is lovely too!
    Cheers my dear!

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  4. Such fantastic shots, Lucile. The subject matter is creative (never would have thought rope could make a good subject to photograph) and the detail here is fantastic! Beautiful work.


  5. Funny how people can I interpret a pict .. All I saw was a nice rop to wrap a present , you know, the DIY kind 🙂 you did great Lucile, as usual


    1. Exactly! Imagination goes wild. Perceptions are indeed very personal, no doubts about it!
      I had asked someone to buy the rope used to cook but there was a mistake as this one is made to wrap packages, just as you said.
      And thanks for your lovely comment!

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  6. Such an interesting subject and of course, you nailed it! Who would have thought anyone could make a humble ball of rope look good? And I’m with Mara, what are you doing with rope in your office? I figured you might want to tie up your poor-performing employees 😉


  7. I think that Full Size Render-2 would be perfect for my challenge tomorrow 😀 Those work equally well in colour and monochrome; with emphasized texture in black and white. I do love all of them equally. It is nice to have you back. You are really making up for your absent time 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Paula. You’re very considerate. It feels good to be back. I’m going to reduce blogging time though. I’ve taken part in many challenges and it’s just not possible.


      1. I am perfectly aware of this, as it was a major problem for me. Also in the past for a very long time I was spending a lot more time visiting other blogs than being busy with my own, and then one day after some very unpleasant experiences I said to myself: what the f. for do I spend so much time on others’ $it. Now, I am a lot more selective, and it happens that as of this April I have a lot more extra curricula activities that make my presence a bit scarcer here. I have my two regular challenges which give me some order and discipline in blogging and guest challenges that I really enjoy, and also I always try to respond to the official Friday weekly photo challenge. With you – I always enjoy chatting. Beijos


        1. It’s exactly how I feel. When I started last September and did the blogging courses, I joined challenges, got awards, etc. and also started my own feature, the Photo Rehab. I had more time back then. Over time it became too much. I could not possibly join all these challenges and started cutting back. I cannot manage all comments either. And read other blogs too. The best is to reduce to those 3 that I want to continue, which it’s still a lot. Last week I didn’t even join the Weekly Photo Challenge, which I like.
          Blogging cannot be unpleasant and stressing. That’s not all I do in life. I also want to have time to react to comments and to have these great chats with you. Beijos back at you.


          1. Yes, querida, we can’t compare ourselves to retired people which make a great percentage of the WP community and can afford a lot more time to blogging, and we can’t feel guilty about it either, and like you I was also very stressed and frustrated a lot of times, but some really nasty experiences taught me a painful lesson. You are a psychologist so I will use this opportunity and abuse of your professional background to tell you something – a big shift in me happened last autumn/winter when I realised that one of my former female blogger friends who is still very active on other blogs wiped out all traces of my presence on her blog including all posts she once did (for years!!) for my challenges. I never had any sort of argument with her, and I never found out why, what the fuck and believe me that I spent 4 months thinking all the reasons and even spoke to two other bloggers about that. Then, finally one day I said to myself (cause I was on the verge of stopping blogging cause of that woman) I had a feeling I hurt her somehow and I could never find out why, and I searched all entries and comments for months – you can’t imagine the time and worry and hurt that went into that process. Then one day at the start of this year I said to myself: Paula you are ridiculous, and decided not to worry about that any more. Sorry for taking your time with this story. It is still weighing on my chess – as I never understood what I did so wrong. There…. Thank you for reading me amiga.


            1. I would add that we are not blogging for money, so we don’t need likes, clicks, etc. I don’t need nor have to post, and will do when I can and want. No guilt.
              What a bizarre story. I can say as a human being and not even as a psychologist, that most of the times we don’t know and have no control of people’s perceptions and projections vis-à-vis our actions.
              This seems to be a case like that. Super dysfunctional lady. I’m sorry to hear that you spent months consumed with this. I admit I would have been concerned and upset too.
              Have you ever asked her why?
              That would have been the only way to know. However, I bet she wouldn’t say because of the quasi subtle way she acted.
              I know it’s tough to let go without an explanation but you did the right thing. Write this off but also from your chest. Don’t giver her the power to hurt you. I read a quote last week from Carlos Castaneda which I cannot entirely remember but in short, it said that we should choose between being strong or miserable.
              By feeding these thoughts, you keep it alive and painful.
              Forgive her. Feel sorry for her. Seriously. She is the problem, not you. And let it go. Move on querida amiga. You don’t deserve this.
              💗 bury these memories.


              1. You are right and very sweet to encourage me. I was thinking of writing her a few times, but my husband stopped me 🙂 Also, I thought that she would never reply or give me the truthful answer cause of the way she acted. You are right, it is just a memory now – to remind me to be careful with people online (which is not in my nature to be honest – I am like a 5 year old when I meet someone new – open and trustworthy). Thank you for hearing me out. I appreciate it with all my heart. Castaneda is right – and there were many situations in my life when I applied his motto. Abracos


                1. You are very welcome.
                  And your husband was right. She wouldn’t be straight with you because she had already opted to not be. So it’s really a matter of making a rational effort to erase this emotional memory by replacing the sadness and frustration with pity and forgiveness. She’s a poor soul who might be frustrated and unhappy, so don’t take ownership for that.
                  I know how you feel because I have felt like that once although not on an online situation. Some people are just difficult, and don’t mind to hurt others. And sometimes they are too jealous and fur that they are able of doing strange things.
                  Make a little ceremony in your head to say good bye to these memories.
                  It’s ok to remember but without emotional weight.
                  Do that to yourself.
                  You’re an adorable person, and a very intelligent and beautiful woman. Nothing less. Surround yourself with those who are worth your while.
                  Abraços com carinho.


                    1. Not wise… Just have some scars which taught me this.
                      De nada querida, com muito prazer. Não te conheço pessoalmente mas confio em ti. E gosto de ti também. Somos parecidas quanto ao nosso comportamento ser igual ao de uma criança de cinco anos. Xx

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