Thursday’s Special: Cloudscape

Some photo challenges are more difficult than others and I may not have a stock photo nor the time to go out and make new shots. Today’s challenge on Cloudscape from my friend Paula at Lost in Translation is a no-brainer.

My challenge was to focus and choose a few clouds, because I often shoot clouds from above, and below, and have away too many of these photos. You may have guessed I like it, as I have posted it recently here as Clouds are the Muse and here as Fifty Shades of Grey.

I am glad I had these photos and could very fast assemble this post before starting my working day. If I had to, I could not catch any cloud in the Amsterdam skies today! It is a sunny, cloudless and warm day! Finally!

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Sharing my views and experiences with words and photos - taken with diverse angles - influenced by the multicultural countries I have lived and worked. I studied Psychology and have an MBA. After working for corporates, I became an entrepreneur and consultant. Cycling, hiking, windsurfing, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photographing, are no longer just hobbies listed in a resume.

40 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Cloudscape

  1. How can you have too many of cloud photos?! There can’t be too many! I am glad that this no-brainer challenge provoked you to post 😀 🙂 Obrigada Lucile. São espectaculares 🙂


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