On the Way

Michelle W., editor at WP, brings On the Way as this week’s Photo Challenge theme.

“Share a shot of something you saw, did, or experienced on the way: a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way. Show us something stunning others might have missed, or find some unexpected beauty in a mundane moment. Maybe we can all start looking at the in-betweens a bit differently!”

I selected a few shots for this gallery, which I made on a rare sunny weekend while sailing through theย Amsterdam canals. From the boat Iย have a privileged view of those siting along the canals or standing at the bridges, and can capture unexpected and fleeting moments.

Click to open the gallery and enlarge the photos.


77 thoughts on “On the Way

  1. My daughter who can not wait to grow up and move to Amsterdam will love these pics. These are the reason she dreams of Amsterdam. Its laid back, hang out on the canal kind of pace.

    • It’s really a nice time to sail around the canals; watching people and the houses never tires me and it’s very relaxing. This city never exhausts my curiosity to look at its sights.
      Thanks Lois !! You’ll be amazed to hear that some people pose when they see me shooting them! No objections!

  2. I really love this collection, Lucile! They are so interesting and you’ve put wonderful captions to them. The one of the very unhappy people around the table, haha, it makes you want to go up to them and cheer them up.

    • Thanks!! How funny this one was! I was laughing while shooting them!! Maybe they had been overly happy with the beer already and I caught them enjoying hangover!
      Ps: I nominated you for a free writing challenge. Don’t feel obliged obliged though. It’s on my post of yesterday: because I love you.

  3. Super shots! Were these with your iPhone? Your photos make me miss Amsterdam. Just when I was thinking I would not visit there this summer, you submit this group of shots that makes me WANT to visit. Now what do I do?

      • Yeah, they looked very good for a phone. But you never know, sometimes. And right…I usually do what feels right. I actually have a ticket to Amsterdam, a four-day layover there, and then on the the US. But now, I’m thinking I may not go to the US, and therefore, not Amsterdam. Are the tulips finished?

        • Sometimes you will be surprised with the ones made from the iPhone. I have a monthly post called the changing seasons, and the last one was entirely shot with my iPhone. You wouldn’t see the difference if compared to the Olympus.
          Well, sad to hear you are changing plans. The tulips are finished. Only in shops.

          • Yeah, from your shots, and the ones on Sally’s, I am surprised at the quality of phone photos. One of my students says the Samsung camera is better. What do you think? I thought it better to go iPhone because I have a Mac laptop and an iPad. I wanted the Sony with 20 mp. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a tulip in Amsterdam. And get this…never roade a tourboat through the canals…just can’t push myself to get on one, don’t know why. Renting one might be an option, but didn’t want to get lost.

            • Before the iphone 6 I would agree with your student’s opinion but that has changed. You miss nothing.
              So start shooting. You’re da man!
              And if you ever come here I’ll take you for a ride through the canals.

              • You know, I just haven’t started shooting with this thing. I like holding it. And changing alarm sounds. My student helped me set up Instagram and Whatsapp, but haven’t used either.

                OK…I’m taking you up on that boat ride!!

  4. I really enjoy your b&w shots. I haven’t got the technique yet but it’s something I want to try. Hmmm…. new idea! I signed up for June’s photo101 and perhaps I shall stick to only b&w for the whole course. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I like the shadows of your sitting people. I am lousy at taking photos of people that mean nothing to me – am practicing – though it is not the genre of photography that excites me.

          • As time goes by I am getting more critical of photos I take. Before it was one in 50, than one in 100, now it is one in 500 photos taken that I am pleased with, and with all photo events that I run and take part in, my participation involves more photos than my photo-satisfaction ratio. It has been some time now that I came to turns with publishing photos that I am not “crazy about”, but are used to show something.

  6. you really illustrated “Lay Back” perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚ Spring knows how to make people smile (especially those who have been waiting for it for a long time!)

  7. I really can’t do this but it makes for a captivating post. Sad lady (just watching) is so perfectly framed, and I love ‘talk to me’ too. Complete contrast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. OMG – I want to go sailing down the Amsterdam Canals. What a wonderful treat to be sailing and taking street photographs at the same time. I would be in heaven. I am experiencing heaven looking at these wonderful photographs Lucille. Paradise!

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