Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challengers’ Choice

This is bridge number 80 built in 1903 in Amsterdam. It is considered a monument because of the aesthetic quality of the design and its importance for the image of the city.  It was designed by the Department of Bridges of the Public Services of the City Council.

The bridge is in the so-called ‘Entrepot Dock’ area, where in the past there were big warehouses to store goods temporarily, until taxes had been paid. These warehouses have been transformed into apartments and became a residential area.

As I passed by boat underneath the bridge, and as it was a very cloudy afternoon, this combination  made for a nice monochrome photo with high contrast, highlighting the bridge contours.


Photos taken with an iPhone 6. Converted to monochrome and increased clarity to 100%.

I am joining Lens and Pens by Sally, who hosts each Monday the Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. 

The schedule theme for this week’s challenge is: Challenger’s Choice. I go for Architecture


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23 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challengers’ Choice

  1. I’ve just realized why I love Amsterdam. I’m a lover of bridges and there are a gazillion in your beautiful city. Stunning b&w shots – love the contrast and the structure is so interesting it makes a really powerful photo. X


  2. The second photo from below is very impressive. However, there is some other really cool feeling about the first one. The clouds, maybe. The composition. The lamp post.

    OK…are you sitting down? I got my iPhone 6 running! Turns out, you need a sim card. And…you need to know which button turns it on…it’s not the round one of top. I haven’t taken a photo with it yet, I did make one phone call. And I set an alarm just to see what it would sound like, and if it would wake me up because I can’t find a travel alarm that rings loud.


    1. Thanks Badfish. Good to have you around.
      I am sitting down and in awe with the news. I am very proud of you.
      It is fascinating to read about your experience with your first phone. When are you writing about it? I am sure you will love the camera and the alarm works perfectly well.
      You need to start using Siri, the assistant who finds things for you. She can set the alarm as ordered by you and she will never forget to wake you up. She searches things on the internet. She or he, depends on which gender you decide, will always do what you ask. Very rare phenomena in this world.
      Ok, You will ask how…
      Go to settings. General. Siri. There you have the instructions to turn it on.
      Let me know…

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      1. I know! You’re my hero, you made me do it! But I’m a little annoyed at myself. I resisted smartphones for so long, never wanted to be that guy walking around and fiddling with his phone…I could never imagine what they might be doing on the dang thing. Now I know. And it annoys me that I am so…enchanted with it. I will try Siri later today. I opened an Instagram account…couldn’t do it before because you needed a smartphone.


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