“Opposites attract, but the like-minded last.
The world is full of opposites… show me the ones that you’ve noticed, and if you are in the mood share your favourite “opposite” quote. ”

This is Paula’s call for Thursday’s Special: Opposites

I won’t have a quote but something else…


This photo was taken on April 27th during King’s day (or the King’s birthday) celebration in Amsterdam.  I have posted before It’s the Orange King’s Birthday here so that you have an idea on what this day is all about.

And here is what I imagined that these people were thinking, when I passed by boat underneath the bridge where they watched the crowds partying.

The little girl: “I’m fed up to be here. Adults are silly people. My parents look ridiculous wearing these orange wigs, as much as all other adults dressed in orange”.

The Father: “Maybe this girl is not mine after all. This mood doesn’t come from my DNA.”

The Mother: “Isn’t this party wonderful? Let’s have a space cake later, my dear.”

The Men in black: “This photographer is shooting me. She likes me. I am sexy and I know it.”

The Blonde: “I need to give him some drinks to loosen up. This man is boring.”

The Woman in red: “I cannot wait to go home and dress my orange underwear.”

The Men in red: “WTF! There comes another boat with drunk people. Crazy city. And hey, this woman is shooting me too. Idiot!”


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41 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. OMG, OMG, that is hilarious!! I didn’t realise you have the skill to read the minds with such precision 😀 I think that the girl and the men in red nail it!


  2. Brilliant; this is so funny. When my brothers and I were kids we used to play this game. One of my brothers was sooo good at it. I think the two of you working together would be hilarious.


  3. Lucile, the photo is great and the dialogues of the people even better! I love your opposites…and I especially like the blond lady’s comments!
    Cheers! Smiles all around 🙂
    PS: My dad always said the expression”You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar..” Not exactly an opposite quote but maybe?


    1. Thank you so much, Jo. With the Dutch being crazy about the color orange (which is also representing the royalty lineage, it is not uncommon to find anything in orange, including underwear… ).
      Thank you so much for the nomination.I am honored to accept it. I have been nominated for a 5 day free writing challenge as well, so I will see how I schedule the posts without overdosing the readers…;-)
      Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the wonderful shoutout. Appreciated it immensely.


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