Bakfiets ride to Photo 101Rehab

Rachel Squirrel, a wonderful Australian blogger living in Scotland, loves cycling her backfiets. What is this, you may ask…

It is a bike designed and constructed specifically for transporting loads and…kids. It consists of an open or enclosed box, a flat platform, or a wire basket, usually mounted over one or both wheels, low behind the front wheel, or between parallel wheels at either the front or rear of the vehicle.

Knowing of her fondness for the genuinely Dutch Bakfiets, I selected a few ones to share with her.

The first freight bicycles were used by tradesmen to deliver mail, bread and milk amongst other things. During the early part of the 20th Century these were commonly used by tradespeople for local deliveries.

With the domination of the internal combustion engine after World War II, freight bikes became less popular.

However in the The Netherlands, it is widely used to transport kids. Here are some examples.

This gallery is also for the Photo101 Rehab, the event for everyone who loves photography (hobbyists, amateurs, pro-shooters, or just curious , anyone is welcome), and wants to join a community of like-minded people, who are also fun to connect with.

Want to know how to join the Photo Rehab? Check below.

Here is what ‘The Clinic Photo Rehab is:

This blog hosted ‘The Photo101 Rehab Clinic’ from 04 to 31 December 2014 and featured over 170 photos made by Photobloggers Andy Townend, Mara Eastern, Cardinal Guzman, DesleyJane, Justine, Amy, Teresa, Albert, Terri, Giving Thought, Ellen, Nalinki, Mariangeles, DwayCrafts, Lucy, Terri, Bampa’s Views, PeaceCrafting, Dreaming of Leaving and Project Easier.

As former patients informed me that the withdrawal symptoms remained active, and new patients recognized the same symptoms, The Clinic – Photo Rehab  reopened its doors.

You can do a self-examination. If you detect any of the following symptoms, as carefully described by Albert from the blog Passionately Curious, come and join us: “Withdrawal symptoms may include the incessant need to carry your camera everywhere with you, the need to wake up in the wee hours to take photos during the golden hour, and checking up on others you met during the course to see what their newfound knowledge has brought fruit to.”

How to join:

Time: The Clinic is open 24 x 7 until the healing process ends.

Camera: You can use any camera, from DSLR, mirrorless, compact, to smartphones.

Theme: Bring your creativity and photograph a theme of your liking in B&W or Color. With or without edition. We like learning techniques as well, if you want to share it with everyone.

Who can join: Anyone can join; and not only former Photo 101 bloggers. All you need is passion. Passion to speak up through images – or words, if you may want to add your thoughts to it as well – showing what you see and how much that is important to you.

Thanks for joining and enjoy it.

The Clinic – Photo Rehab 

 Here is the link to  add your photos. Knock the wall… and click on the image below:

Even if you don’t want to join in, click above and appreciate the beautiful photos of the former and current participants. Go and check their wonderful blogs as well:


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74 thoughts on “Bakfiets ride to Photo 101Rehab

  1. Oh these are wonderful! Thank you. I love the one with the yellow clog. What are those Babboe bikes like, do you know? I think they’re made in China so I was a bit put off but they look nice and I like that you can get a sun hood for them.


    1. I’m happy you liked it. The Babboe looks like the others but I dot know about the quality. I can ask around. There are fancy ones. I just came back home and on my way I spotted a very nice one and added to this gallery. Check it out.


  2. Love them all!! It reminds me of a Funny bike museum we visited in Belgium with fantastic concoctions of all sorts of bikes. These are so practical but also fun!! Thanks 🚲


  3. So great, cant wait to ride one of those. In the Philippines, a driver can take 5 people with him on a similar kind of bike 🙂 They also do another version with motorbike, like the one i posted today. So convenient, sometimes a bit scary but at least they make you look pretty cool, according to my daughter 😉


      1. Just waiting for the Pinoy roads to be a little safer, and a shop selling helmets for kids too.. and that we move to another place, ours is far too high on the hill 😛
        When I see the bikers riding up to our place, under 35C, I am so amazed! I dont think I could ever to that even to save my own life, so imagine with the kids 😛


        1. Up hill is too much. Holland is flat so biking is an easy means of transportation.
          Unbelievable that there they can do it uphill and with such hight temps…
          You need to come here next time. The kids will love it.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. You’d be arrested for animal exploitation. Lol
          PS. Cannot find anywhere your comment with great suggestions for blog themes. Asked help to happy engineers without success. This notification system doesn’t make me happy. They don’t help us either and just basically send me to the forums to complain. Why can’t we have access to an archive of notifications older than 100?
          That’s what happened. I saw yours and was busy working. When I had time to look at it, it was gone.
          I looked my dashboard comments and it’s not there. So I may have talked to you on your blog.
          I’ll go there to search for your reply. Just don’t remember to which post is connected. I explained all of this to the engineer, and said, don’t you think this quite a few steps to take, instead of having access to an archive? No answer.


            1. We share the same feeling. I don’t want to look rude when I just cannot find the comment anymore.
              I wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to help me and just couldn’t find it anymore, nor remember which post was it linked to. I checked your last 3 posts last night but of course it wasn’t there.
              Thanks for being so helpful and patient. Volunteer engineers are happier than the WP ones, as they might be fed up with all complains that they are getting lately.
              Have a lovely day!


    1. Lucile, I have wanted one of these bikes ever since I first saw one my first time in Amsterdam. But I didn’t realize they came in so many different varieties. Or that they had an actual name, besides box in front of the bike. I love the one with the plastic cover (for rain?). And that one tied to the lamp post…what’s that, like the Rolls Royce of backfiets?


      1. Ah yes, there are many types. The plastic cover is for rain, wind and snow. The one tied up to the lamp post was new to me. I had never seen one like that. The owner perhaps would have liked to have a real Rolls Royce, but could not afford one…;-)

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! I love the yellow clog!! So different to the transportation that we see over here, although also on bicycles. I need to see if I have any in my archives to share.


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