Momentarily Brave

I held a snake over my shoulders, during my second trip to the Amazon forest in Brazil two years ago. That was a moment of bravery.

My husband was the first one to do it, while my little niece and I had great fun being so close to the big snake. 

The man holding the snake’s head was very calm and assured me there would be no problem. Thankfully he was right but still, my heart was beating fast and an adrenaline rush took me over.

Briefly brave but worth it.





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43 thoughts on “Momentarily Brave

  1. Boa? Or python? I don’t know enough about snakes to tell the difference. Either way, a significantly brave feat, if you’re at all afraid of snakes.

    The thing that always surprises me is how heavy snakes are. And then I remember that they’re basically solid muscle, with a digestive system inside.


    1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for dropping by. I actually forgot the name of the snake. I am surely afraid of them, but I wanted to try, as I didn’t have the guts to do it, the first time I went there. It is incredibly heavy and I could not hold it longer than the tim needed to make a photo.
      Have a nice weekend!


      1. Really? you looked so at ease, how come you did not start a conversation with the snake? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bravo though, you did it!


  2. hehe i was going to ask you what kind of snake it was too, but i bet at the time it was just a HUGE SNAKE lol. They are pretty heavy aren’t they? I went to Sri Lanka with my best friend and she did this but I was too chicken so I take my hat off to you with this moment of bravery. Great take on it my lovely friend, thank you for joining in ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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    1. My head was spinning and I ma sure they told me the type of snake but my grey cells were focused on the flight mode….lol
      I had chosen another photo for your challenge but then came across this one. I thought it had to be it.

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  3. Wow, that is brave. I’m not surprised your heart was pounding. I bet you’re proud that you did it though. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I made my comments without reading through your article completely for fear of seeing the snake. Sorry Lucille I’m sure the article and picture or pictures were beautiful but I couldn’t bring myself to view it. Hugs


  5. Oh goodness, I don’t think I could do that. I’m terrified of snakes (it’s a wonder I could look at these photos without cringing and closing my eyes tight!). Sounds quite the experience, though!


  6. That’s awesome! You guys look like you’re having a blast! I did this too in the South Pacific but didn’t get the photos to prove it! Although my snake was teeny in comparison. X


  7. “Momentarily” is already longer than I would’ve lasted! Good that you managed to overcome your fears, I’m sure the feeling wasn’t too bad with hindsight ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. Wowwww! Lucile, I admire your bravery! And your husband’s and niece’s too! You look cool in the photo, not nervous at all! The snake is very pretty, actually…I like its almost leopard-spotted skin.
    And the snake handler looks as if his job holding a snake’s head is just part of a normal daily routine! Bravissimi all of you!


  9. after my last comment it’s like i’m in the amazon myself! but whereas tarantulas unnerve me, holding a snake is nothing but exciting. i’ve never done it yet but it’s a creature that’s very alluring – at least the ones that don’t bite.

    i once had to climb a set of steps and pass a man sitting on one step with his pet cobra. that was my moment of bravery.


    1. You’re right on that one. It is scary just because but It felt sofa to know that the guy was holding it and there was another one behind him to help, just in case…
      What you did was fair braver as no one was holding the snake. Bravo!


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