Majestic Cafe

During a recent visit to Porto in Portugal, I visited a cafe known as the ‘Splendor of La Belle Époque’.  I made several photos especially to bring to the Tea Time Event of Justine’s blog.

Hope you will enjoy the photos and the link with information about the cafe, as well as the link to join the Teat time event.

Here is a gallery (click to enlarge the photos) of the Majestic cafe, visiting the Tea Time Event from my friend Justine at Eclectic Odds n Sods.tea-time

“On the 17th December 1921, an establishment called Elite café opened for business in Porto, Portugal. It was located in a pedestrian walkway for shopping and for the finest members of society, then and now. The café enlightened the street with its Art Nouveau decoration, by architect João Queiroz.”

“Inside, the scent of leather upholstery and varnished wood is joined by the magnificent vision of the plaster-decorated ceiling and of the endless Flemish mirrors, is an ensemble that marvels all senses. Add in the combination of marble and metal and it becomes truly exquisite. At the back of the café, nature rules in the conservatory, which connects Santa Catarina street to Passos Manuel street.”

The glamorous cultural elite from Paris was a reference for portuguese culture in those days. Hence the new name – Majestic – filled with all the charm of “La Belle Époque”.

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49 thoughts on “Majestic Cafe

  1. Isn’t it the loveliest place? 🙂 On our first evening in Porto we ventured in. We were staying just around the corner and I was gobsmacked by the lit up bell towers and azulejos everywhere. Happy memories 🙂 Can’t stay longer because we leave for the airport in less than half hour. Take care!


  2. I’m pretty sure we went when I was there this summer!! That last photo just looks SO familiar. But I could’ve sworn we were in Spain by then because I remember it being late in the trip. Who knows.

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        1. You won’t regret it. And you’ll be amazed not only with the culture and beauty around the city, but the prices! Unbelievably cheap compared to Northern Europe’s prices. I should not even say that too much or they will increase the prices!


  3. Goodness, I am sorry I couldn’t see this on my phone but what a treat to wait to see it on my computer, wow. I would have loved to dress up for tea to come to this place, sounds simply stunning, and it would have made me behave too! You must have had a glorious time here, thank you for bringing this to tea time, lovely photos and information about it, I want to come and visit it of course now, another one added to my list 🙂 xx


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