A Cool Swan. A Zen Seagull. A Trouble Maker Coot

I already posted my photos for the WP Weekly Photo Challenge, but while organizing my photos archive, I could not resist and post these as well.

I would like to introduce you to my good neighbour Lino, a swan who lives with its family in the same canal where I live too (don’t get me wrong, he’s the only one of us floating there). When my daughter was a little kid, she gave this name to him.  He’s a very cool swan, though perhaps looking a bit vain, ‘posing’ for this photo! I guess the swans family might be a bit disappointed with me, as I don’t feed them bread, contrary to what some of our (human) neighbors do.

The cool swan

This seagull looked so peaceful and relaxed. When I noticed that it didn’t move at all for so long, maybe it was meditating! Not funny, right? It made for a cute photo though…

The zen seagull

The next one is a trouble maker kind of neighbor living also in the same canal as the swan (and me).  This coot bird is always fighting and going after the ducks or swans’ food. It is nature’s way I know, but it is pretty annoying and selfish.  He wants it all only for itself, just like some human beings do…

The trouble maker coot 

The prompt for this week’s WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat.

:  borne on or as if on the water

:  being at sea

:  free of difficulties :  self-sufficient <the inheritance kept them afloat for years>

:  circulating about <nasty stories were afloat>
:  adrift

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14 thoughts on “A Cool Swan. A Zen Seagull. A Trouble Maker Coot

  1. I loved meeting your feathered friends in this post! Lino looks indeed like a very proud swan…his hot pink bill is very cool with its black squizzly design. Hmmm, he might be looking for a snack indeed.
    And the zen seagull is adorable! They do usually fly around a lot without landing in one place for long, so surely this little guy was meditating!
    And a coot bird? I’ve never heard of them. He fights and steals food? Naughty bird!
    Very cute post! I enjoyed it (as always)!


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