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My first reaction when people ask me if I have preferred songs, locations, or anything etc. is of repulse. I think that is too static. I like variety, I like many things. I am a Gemini, that is my excuse for being a generalist, interested in so many things that sometimes loses focus on what it wants and likes really and deeply.

But that’s how I have always been. I cannot even remember the lyrics of any song. It might be a brain dysfunction though.

It is the sound of music that creates an effect on me, gets to my heart, and knocks me out of the ring.

I read Michelle’s instructions for Day Three of the Writing 101 course with hesitation,

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Ok , I signed up for the course. When in the dancing floor I’d better dance, right?

Yes, there are songs I like the most, they are mostly timeless.

Classic. I have two preferred classic musics that literally use all my senses.  They touch somewhere inside my heart, no, they touch my whole body and existence. They make me think, they make me cry. I don’t know exactly what I am crying for, but the notes do that to me.

There are many songs though that have spoken to me in other times, throughout my life. I remember how important they were to accept a loss, to give me courage, to take action, to believe in something, to celebrate.

There are other songs that just make me want to dance, they make me get out of a chair and move. Even if I am not a great dancer, with those songs, I move, I sing, I fly. My body frees up and achieves what I believe I don’t posses, which is cadence, rhythm, coordination, gracious movements.

Do you know what I hated about today’s prompt? Because it would free up my mind and I am not so sure I wanted to do that as yet here.

Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice. The frequency and the amount of time you choose to spend today — and moving forward — are up to you, but we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day.

I just realized that I haven’t set a time and I may have been writing for more than 15 minutes already. Yes, I am avoiding the subject.

There is a story in what I write or in what I like writing. There is always an association of a story with my photos too. I like to share stories. Is that my style? I will find out here in the next days.

Do I like to be personal, yes. Do I like to share everything straight from my gut? Maybe not. Am I able to do it? Yes. What I like is to be authentic, and to say what I think or feel, without sugar coating facts, not worrying about what you may think of it. You will judge me with your references and I will never be able to make you happy.

I learned that already in real life a long time ago, let alone when I am writing.

I am learning in life more than when blogging, to not worry about what people think about me. I have already spent and wasted too much time fulfilling expectations of other people that perhaps I have created myself.

People will always have a different perception of my world. So better focus on living my story and sharing it as it is. There are always people who can relate to it. And there are those who won’t. Thanks for the visit anyways, but yes that’s not not what you like reading about nor the photos you wanted to see. Yes, I post photography too.

Back to music. It frees my mind.

And I still didn’t say anything about the music I like. I will now share it with you.

The first is Beethoven’s Symphony #6 Pastoral. This music is powerful, and yet sweet. It gives me strength and soothes my heart.

The second is Bach – Air Orchestral Suite #3 in D Major. I had posted about it already here last year. This is the one that makes me cry, no matter what. It must be something in my genes’s memory.

The third one is a simple Cold Play song that gave me courage when I needed to take a life changing decision.

The part I most liked about the last one is this: ‘You will never know if you will never try… Life will guide you home…”

That’s what I am doing now and will continue doing everyday, because I am convinced that there is no other way to know what is the best for me, unless experimenting it.

We lose ourselves, and our true essence, as we go through life and start believing in our own stories, as well as in the roles we have to play, assuming them as our real identity.

We can stop and try. We can always go back home. I am on my way.

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

44 thoughts on “Music that Speaks

  1. i identify with your sentiments….. and i loved what you wrote, so much so, i ended uo reading a couple of your other posts as well.

    i agree when you say that its easy to lose track of what you are writing when a thought takes over and its easier to please one’s own self than pleasing everyone around you


    1. Hi Ishita, thank you for dropping by and for your generous comments. How wonderful to hear that you read more posts and identified with this one. I appreciated you taking time to read and leave such a considerate comment.


  2. i identify with your sentiments….. and i loved what you wrote, so much so, i ended uo reading a couple of your other posts as well.

    i agree when you say that its easy to lose track of what you are writing when a thought takes over and its easier to please one’s own self than pleasing everyone around you


  3. It’s your ancient DNA that evokes such an emotional response 😉
    I listened to the first Bach piece while I read your post and I found it quite uplifting. I used to listen to classical music all the time when I was younger, I don’t know what changed….
    I think that yes you do like to share stories. And you are a very good story teller, it always feels like I with you when I read the stories that accompany your photos.
    PS I can’t wait to see you “get out a chair and move…sing….fly” xx


    1. I guess it might be. Maybe I was in love with Bach in another life and he despised me. Lol
      Well, you found that music in the radio and started humming it till you forgot all classics forever.
      Nice to hear your feedback. Appreciated it immensely. Thanks. It’s always so good to hear how we come across.
      PS. Forget it. I need my medical wine prescription first! Xxx

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  4. Very nice post! Music stirs our souls and I’m like you and don’t know all the lyrics, haha. But I love the musical vibrations that invoke different emotions. Well done!


    1. Hi Schuttzzie! Thanks. Your comments always make me smile.
      How funny to know you do the same! I thought I was an exception as I see most people knowing every single song.


  5. I can see that we share many things, philosophies if you like. My foundation is in classical music and mostly what I play at the piano although I do enjoy playing a little Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag. Opera is what helps motivate me when I am cleaning the house, very loud so it can be heard over the sound of the vacuum and loud so that no passerby can possibly hear me as I sing along, all of the great arias come out sounding like the serenade of the tree frogs after dark.

    Several of my poems have been used as lyrics for original music by my songwriting friends. As much as I enjoy the royalties that come my way, I get a special feeling when I hear my words in a musical interpretation.

    Your photographs are lovely. Do you publish them on the National Geographic photo site? If so, I will seek them out.

    It’s impossible to limit ourselves….in any way. I liik forward to reading more of your blog.


    1. I am honored to hear that we share a lot, Dee. I wish I could also share your musical talent, as I love music so much… but I guess I was born with other ones.
      I pictured your opera singing in my mind and found it a very nice sight and idea. I will try it too, as believe me, I ‘sing’ when showering so no one can hear that…Your idea is brilliant. Thanks.

      I can imagine how happy you feel having your poems used as lyrics. It is priceless indeed. You may laugh now, but when i was 15 I wrote a poem at a school and an older boy who was in love with me, used it as lyrics for a song he used in a music contest. It was really not a good poem but he was flirting with me and his critical thinking wasn’t working well but his heart…very funny.

      I am humbled by your comment. I am just a photography enthusiast publishing photos on my blog. National Geographic is a higher league than mine. You can see them all here. I have a page with them.

      Thank you very much for dropping by and reading my rambling. I wholeheartedly appreciated it.

      And I too, look forward to reading more from you.


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      1. Lucile, National Geo has an online studio called “You shot. ” You can join (at no charge), upload as many as 15 images a month and see all of the other wonderful photographic endeavors from other members. As with the wordpress site, we comment and critique one another. It is quite addictive. Thousands of images from around the world, different cultures and viewpoints. It is truly a global community. The link to that particular area of National Geo is:


  6. Growing up, I spent hours listening to and crying to Fix You by Coldplay. That song is a lot more than it makes out to be. That was such a great post as well, I loved reading every word of it.


    1. Really? What a coincidence. I have used some extra tears with this song. 😉 I totally agree with you about this song.
      And thank you so much for visiting the blog, reading, and leaving such a lovely comment. Appreciated.

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  7. I rarely remember all the lyrics of a song…..
    And haven’t a favorite one…..
    I know that some songs mean a lot to me ,while I’m nearly indifferent to others….
    Quoting your words “I like variety , I like many things…”
    And love this post!


  8. All I needed to see was that Coldplay’s Fix You was on the list to know I was reading a good post! I’m not huge classical music fan, but listening to those I can totally understand why you feel so strongly about them. Keep up the good work! 🙂


    1. Hi Dan, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for visiting the blog and commenting.
      I appreciated your kindness very much. And to know that you like Coldplay…you can only be a great person! 😉


  9. Love the energy of your post. This one is pretty special, as it is not so often that we get a chance to admire a selfie of you. Again, great shot, you are a very unique person my dear.
    You really took the best of the gemini, the altruist and artistic ways. Your post is beautiful, both in its content and its form. and thanks for making me discovering this song of Cold Play. I send you I wish you Love, from Sinatra, in return X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dearest. Indeed. this writing course has a lot of personal prompts, and Im bracing myself to go out of my comfort zone! 😉 I will survive! lol.
      With you support and appreciation, how can I be ever afraid to give a try and go ahead with my scrabbles? Heartfelt thanks my friend!

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  10. I didn’t know it was Coldplay but I’ve heard the song many times, sung live in a pub I occasionally go to. It always has an emotional response but I thought it was purely the atmosphere in the pub, which is run by two old friends. I’ve already spent far longer here than I intended to, Lucile. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It sounds as though you are in an interesting place right now. 🙂


    1. I have been to their concert and this song is definitely loved by the public. So you got a preview.
      I have very much appreciated you taking the time to read and comment here. Thanks much, Jo.
      I’m finding my new path. Some way to go yet.

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  11. Wow! I never realised we had that much in common. Speaking freely, incapable of memorising lyrics, etc and down to the simple fact that we’re both Gemini’s.

    The way you’ve described it helped me understand myself a bit better 🙂 i’ve always believed this characteristic has built me into a jack of all trades but master of none person!

    Tho i don’t share the same love for those music 😝 except cold play. Haha


    1. I never did either! And it is great to learn that we share those awesome qualities! Isn’t it?

      I love the way you described yourself and also totally relate to it. We need to check if we are not siblings! haha

      Thanks for this lovely comment, bro!

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  12. I can’t shake these words:

    “We lose ourselves, and our true essence, as we go through life and start believing in our own stories, as well as in the roles we have to play, assuming them as our real identity.”

    Lucile, each time I visit, you make me stop and think.


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