While walking around the streets of Porto in Portugal, I saw a group of students practicing skate jumps in front of their university.

I am not experienced with playing with the shutter speed, and hoped to shoot not only blurry photos. These may not be very sharp but they surely can represent my interpretation of an ephemeral moment, which is the prompt for WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral.

Ephemeral: adjective – Lasting for a very short time.

Not only these are fleeting moments but the time to do that may perhaps be reduced when they leave uni and join the workforce. I hope for them to never lose their playful, curious, and adventurous spirit, and that they bring it as an essential part of their lifestyle, no matter what they become as future professionals.







50 thoughts on “Ephemeral

    • Well, as a tourist, I bought what I saw . They were in front of the university of Porto, had bags and books and some just came from inside the uni. There were many foreigners there as visiting students, so you have a point here. Thanks for bringing this up. Reality is not always what we see.
      Thanks also for visiting and commenting.

  1. Thiese are very good photos… You have suspended their action in the exact moment. It is truly an “ephemeral” timing. I “super like” this photo set!

  2. Great shots! I think you did fantastic for someone who doesn’t have much experience with shutter speed. I don’t see blur at all. They are perfect for the “ephemeral” prompt.

    • Amy, you’re so supportive and encouraging! Thanks for that. I got carried away with the opportunity and quite liked doing it not knowing what the outcome would be. I am glad I didn’t blur it all! Thank you!

  3. NICE!!!! My son is a skater-photographer-filmer, and I see a lot of skating shots. These are all very cool and a couple are awesome. I know from past experience how tricky it is to get good shots. When the boy-child was little he used to get me to shoot him doing various tricks — which always seemed to take about 20 attempts, and when he finally landed the trick I would have missed the shot. It’s amazing we’re still speaking 🙂

    • Wow. Then you’re really a pro by now in photographing his moves! I had never done it before and had failed miserably trying to shoot birds. Besides, it was a very cloudy day, but I decided to try it anyways, as the sight of those guys and their skateboards was not to be missed.
      Funny to hear how you did it. I shot endlessly, following their moves and hoping that some would work. Eventually some became ok and not a shame but hey, I have nothing to lose but learn, and just gained a bit of experience with action photos.
      Thanks for commenting. Really appreciated it.

      • It really is all about taking the shots again and again. I found the hardest part often was finding a vantage point where I could capture the trick with him face-on, so I wasn’t always getting the back view. Drove me crazy. The kids who do this all the time are so amazing at finding a spot where they get air, plus a face, plus the skaters arms not thrown out at odd angles. Too much for my brain to take in. But I enjoy trying to photograph the odd occasion when I’m with the boy-child and he is skating. I thought a couple of your shots looked really good; my boy would have approved! 🙂

  4. I wonder what is the Portuguese university student stereotype? I’m glad you did not only take photos of culture, but of life too 🙂 These are perfect, Lucile.

    • I am under the impression that their dress code is very formal. Is hot some girls singing at the central station and they wore suits.
      I spent a lot of time walking there and had plenty of street subjects to capture. Will post it slowly to not bother you all. 😉
      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment.

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