Photo 101Rehab Must See: Tech of the Month!

Some of you already know that this blog ‘gave birth’ to ‘The Photo101 Rehab Clinic’ in December 2014, sharing over 170 photos made by Photobloggers, who missed shooting everyday as well as the contact with the community created amongst Photo 101 participants.

We enjoyed the Photo Rehab experience, and actually needed to get back to the The Clinic – Photo Rehab, because the withdrawal symptoms (carry your camera everywhere; wake up in the wee hours to take photos during golden hour, etc.) got stronger. Worried about the health of my fellow bloggers (and mine) I reopened its doors in January.

The Clinic – Photo101 Rehab was added to the events list of WordPress, so that everyone who loves photography could join: Hobbyists, amateurs, pro-shooters, or just curious about photography, anyone is welcome.

The way to join it is very simple and you can check more details here. However, it is time to offer new perks to the Clinic’s patients. Spring has arrived, and brought with it a Monthly feature to refresh or learn photography techniques.

It is time, and my great pleasure, to introduce you to the brain behind it.

If you don’t know them yet, you should:



We met during Blogging 101 and Photo 101 courses last year. I love their blog and advice and I am sure you will do to.  Here is how they describe themselves:

We are not very athletic. We are not very wise. We do not speak all the languages of the world. We are not the most courageous. We are scared of heights and spiders. We have serious jobs. And yet we travel. We love to see new places. We love to meet new friends. We love nature. And we’d love to inspire you – for your next travel adventure or for your next daydream.”

What drove me to invite them to host this feature in this blog, is their motivation to run an existing TECH OF THE MONTH challenge.  When I asked them to participate, one of them ‘warned’ me that she wasn’t a photographer. Well, I am not either, and neither are many of the people who are still wanting to learn new things and having fun at the Photo Rehab.

The Photo Rehab is (and will be) open to all photos, without prompts, themes or limitations. This new feature will offer additional challenges for those who are curious to explore something new.

How does it work? Since October 2014, every month, Perelincolors learns a new photo technique, heading out into the world to test it and returning to share with us what was learned.

We are joining forces to offer you the opportunity to learn new techniques or simply refresh your knowledge and try new shots. You will see the kick off post with a new challenge in a few days.

Enjoy below a wrap up of the past challenges. Maybe you already feel tempted to test some of them. Perelincolors will happily add links to responses that are made now, even if the month for the challenge is already expired.  If you want to submit an image to the photo rehab that does illustrate any of these, you just need to let them know in the comments or per pingback and they would add your links.

Tech of the Month: Let it Sparkle  

Use of Aperture. Exploring how to make reflections and lights sparkle.



Tech of the Month: Panoramas

Some landscapes are so wide and beautiful that a wide-angle lens is just not enough. In this edition of “Tech of the month”, learn how to make better panorama images.


Tech of the Month: White Balance

This month, you want to work on getting the color cast of the images right from the start.


Tech of the Month: Aperture Priority and Depth of Field 

Use aperture priority to compose images with different depths of field.


Tech of the Month: Focus

Start exploring at the very basics: which part of the image to focus on and how to get the camera to do that.



The Clinic – Photo Rehab 

 Here is the link to check all photos posted on the Photo 101 Rehab so far. Click on the image below:


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

27 thoughts on “Photo 101Rehab Must See: Tech of the Month!

  1. I’ve been following these challenges for awhile, but I’ve been so busy. I hope to at least sporadically participate soon as I take so many photos already that fall in line with the prompts! I’m enjoying seeing all of the different approaches too.


  2. thanks for this post Lucile, and introducing me to your friend. Loved especially the tips on the sparkles, totally excited to give it a try tomorrow! Looking forward to joining your rehab friends soon 🙂


  3. Interesting and motivating for lots of bloggers 🙂 A great idea, Lucile. Oh boy, I’ve noticed that in some of the comments I might have written your name with double “l”. Would you be a dear and correct where I did wrong. Please…


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