Friday Thirteen

I am selectively superstitious. I don’t let my handbag on the floor since someone told me that money goes away. Maybe this is a just a cross between surperstition and security…

A Greek friend introduced me to the idea of having a Greek eyeball or evil eye (Matiasma), behind my entry door. If you don’t know the symbolism behind it, here it goes : it serves the function of warding off the effects of the evil eye. This concept is rooted in ancient Greece, so who am I to take a risk?

Anyways, I don’t follow much more than that, and haven’t ever paid attention on Friday 13th. That has changed after reading the post of Mara Eastern about her Black Friday the 13th, which in turn made me think of mine.

Well, here is what happened. I had just showered after yoga class and was changing clothes when the teacher and I started a chitchat. I placed my shirt on the wrong place, obviously, too close to a burning candle, which I didn’t see. What happened next is that I smelled smoke and so did everyone else. I looked to my left and saw the source of the issue. My shirt was on top of the glass where the candle was.  All happened in seconds and no fire started because it was the smoke which burnt the shirt. But my shirt is over. I wasn’t angry. I had just had 1,5 hours of yoga. Namaste!

I headed to an open market as it was on my way to the Cafe where I would meet some friends. The sunlight was too strong and all photos I made while there, are also over. Namaste.

I had a lovely time with friends. When dressing my coat to leave the place, the zipper got stuck. Not up, not down. I left with it open though it was cold. Namaste.

Before going home, I exchanged whatsapp messages with my husband:

Me: Not my day today. I burnt my shirt at the Yoga School with a candle. A good one. Expensive one. I made shitty photos at the Albert Kuijpmarkt.  I locked the zipper and took a piece of my coat. Still is. I cannot open it.

He: Ouch.

Me: Maybe I should think positive now.

He: U should.’  

I didn’t add a new superstition to my list but thought about what was written in that candle.

A Life Filled with Wonder is a Wonderful Life.


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20 thoughts on “Friday Thirteen

    1. Just some bad events. It happens and teach lessons. The first to not be distracted while chatting. The second, to not try to shoot at a sunny day just after peak hours.
      The third…not really any lesson. Lol.
      Thank you so much for your concern. Very sweet.


  1. Namaste. You’re admirably zen. I think I would throw myself in the fire (though there was no fire) if I burnt my good shirt to start with. If I survived, I’d probably shoot myself on finding out that my shooting session was unsuccessful. And if I survived, I’d curl up in a corner and refuse to leave into the cold if my zipper was malfunctioning. I’m grateful that you survived your ordeal!


    1. Well, thanks for the compliment, but that’s not precisely my nature. It’s works of self-nurture and not nature. And of course, after a yoga session, the least I could do was to have a tantrum in front of the instructor and all other students. It turned to be funnier than I had expected and when all the other events took place, I was in a jolly good mood (as the Brits say) to spoil for a few unplanned failed photos. I took it as another lesson for this amateur photographer. And as to the zipper, well, again I was saved by the equally good mood of my friends, with whom I had spent a wonderful time. The best outcome was to go home in a positive fashion to meet my adorable hubby.

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  2. I’m not superstitious either. I wouldn’t leave my handbag on the floor…because there are some people out there you can’t trust, nothing to do with superstition. Listen, I’m going to let you borrow my rabbit’s foot key chain for a while. Just sayin.
    What yoga studio do you go to? Iyengar, Bikram, or ? I bought a very cool (not cheap) wind breaker at Albert Kuijp Market…it now sits in my closet with a broken zipper!

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    1. Accepted. I’ll babysit the rabbit’s foot for a while. I won’t give you the devil eye because I was told that you have to buy one. If someone gives it to you it’s to harm you. Lol
      I’m doing Yin, classical Hatha, Hatha restorative and Vinyasa yoga. I tried Bikram only once but didn’t like it. Too hot. My blood pressure is normally low and I felt like fainting.
      Now we share a broken zipper story!

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        1. That’s a blogpost in the making! You should talk to him about the experience and share it with us; or at least with me.
          I’m already imagining here that they will accuse him of sexual harassment and make a demonstration outside asking for his dismissal, calling him a male chauvinist pig.
          By the way I just read a post about women’s equality…hence the imagination… lol


  3. oh my i must be a little bit evil to giggle at this was that wrong? YOu know you are safe, so that is all that matters and i was wondering how you got out in public with no shirt? Of course that is the first thing that goes through my head and well the photos, you have hundreds and hundreds more to take…coughs and well, well the zipper, well that is a bummer, but at least your not a chap who wears no undies and got their trouser zipper stuck in something hairy! Now that is an ouch 😀 xxx

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    1. No evil. It’s a funny bad day. Nobody asked me about that. Lol it had to be you! Well, the collar was burnt. So, I washed it and worn the shirt as I hadn’t another one with me. I had a jacket on top so no one could see the damaged part.
      You had me lmao with your trouser zipper story. Mine was a painless experience.

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  4. Oh, what a day! I’m sure that you were relieved to get home, Lucile! I grew up believing that bad luck comes in 3’s. At least yours was all over in one go! Not much consolation, I know, but at least it stopped at three! Perhaps you should carry your ‘evil eye’ with you 😉

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