Yesterday I published this post about selfies.  Making selfies is not a new behavior, as a visit to any classic museum can prove that there are plenty of self portraits made by the most renowned artists since ages.

I don’t like making my own photos though nor feel comfortable even when others shoot me (except if it is my husband); but that’s not a reason for me to say that making selfies is a bad behavior.

Of course, I like watching and shooting people making selfies, because I see all kinds of behaviors. People traveling alone, not anymore having to beg others to make their photos. People in groups but still wanting their solo moment of glory. Groups having fun together. And the ‘narcissist selfies’.  Here you see the ones who love themselves beyond measure. They make all types of expressions while shooting, perhaps self-ensuring their sexiest, beautiful, or whatever look they appreciate. It is fun to watch because it speaks volumes about who people are (or think they are).

When I saw the theme for the weekly photo challenge, I thought I could share with you a selfie I made weeks ago when shooting street art, which I also shared in this post.

My Wall-Selfie will also speak about me. I leave it up to you to tell me what you see.

Posting for Weekly Photo Challenge. Theme is: Wall.


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44 thoughts on “Wall-selfie

  1. Really cool photo! I totally agree that watching people taking their selfies certainly is entertaining and I almost get embarrassed for them if they catch me looking (as if I was embarrassing them, lol). But it does tell a lot about people, I believe, too. 🙂

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  2. Your wall selfie is great and you chose a great background with that wall of cool hairstyles that you featured recently!
    I do like selfies but have come across the narcissistic selfie taker quite often, which turns me off… But it’s true that a solo traveler on vacation needn’t ask someone to take their picture anymore!
    Cheers! Happy Saturday!

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  3. Nice selfie! I don’t own a selfie stick either but my daughters keep threatening to get me one. I don’t need one as my husband’s arms are soooo long and we have a set routine when travelling that I snuggle in under his arm and he takes the selfie of us. If I’m on my own I resort to asking strangers to take a shot of me (I am very trusting). Love the wall too by the way. 😊

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    1. Thanks for commenting Katie, and for visiting the blog.
      It was meant to be like that so people could make pics as I did.
      I have also shot the pictures themselves on another post, and they are beautiful hairdos. It was part of an art project.

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  4. Es una foto muy original, y las del fondo están muy bien.
    Estoy de acuerdo con tu descripción de la gente y sus autofotos, aunque a mi también me gusta hacerme autofotos (solo) de recuerdo en los viajes, aunque, de momento, no tengo un palo para ello, y no me gusta mucho cuando los veo.

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    1. Muchas gracias, Mariangeles. Estoy muy feliz de verte aquí . Ha sido un largo tiempo desde que hablamos por última vez . Creo que yo no sigo todavía su nuevo sitio. Lo siento. No me había dado cuenta de que ha cambiado .
      Gracias por sus lindos comentarios . Espero verle de nuevo pronto .
      Grandes abrazos y buen fin de semana


      1. Muchas gracias por tus palabras, muy amables como siempre. He estado muy liada con el cambio de sitio, que no sabía como hacer y que me ha costado mucho; aún no sé hacer algunos arreglos o cambios, y por eso tardo mucho en hacer cada entrada y, sobre todo, en conseguir comprimir las fotos con Picasa, que estoy aprendiendo a manejar. En fin, un lío que me lleva mucho tiempo, muchas vueltas de cabeza y preguntas a todo el mundo.
        Pero no olvidé ver todos los días tus fotos que me gustan mucho.
        Un abrazo.


  5. A different take on the selfie. I like it. It shows that you are more than just yourself. If that makes sense. That’s my immediate thought, anyway.

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  6. I like this a lot the fact you have backs of heads whilst you take your own selfie. I took a photo the other day of a couple taking a selfie shot with someone taking a photo of them so I took a photo of him taking a selfie of themselves lol, made me chuckle x

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