Street Art Walls

There is an area in the outskirts of Amsterdam, called Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, which has been revamped, thanks to the initiative of Anna Stolyarova, originally from Ukraine but living in Amsterdam, who created the Street Art Museum Amsterdam.  

The Street Art Museum Amsterdam is a project run by the non-profit foundation Glamorous Outcasts and it is the only officially recognized Street Art Museum in the city.

I visited the area and made some photos, which you can see in the gallery below.

Their unique street art collection is constantly growing not only the number of artworks but also the stories about the internationally acclaimed artists who specialise in creating art in public space. They carefully select the artists and give them full freedom of artistic expression. The museum provides the artists with the residence opportunity in the area. Local residents work part-time as tour guides and support crew during the events.

There are more than thirty murals, hidden within the greens of the Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, that had been specifically commissioned for the area to enhance the bond between the residents, art in public space and the neighborhood. The museum focuses on classic Latin American Muralism and connection between the new production techniques of the contemporary art movement of graffiti/street-art to its historical origins. Moreover, through the true stories visitors get a diverse picture of the local residents as well as the history of the district, its ups and downs, and special characteristics.

Stinkfish, Bastardilla, Btoy, Kenor, H101, El Pez, Spok, LaIra, Alaniz to name a few artists who have created artwork in the there.

Posting for Weekly Photo Challenge. Theme is: Wall.

Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.



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61 thoughts on “Street Art Walls

    1. It was an amazing discovery. I heard of it and went there with my husband without booking an organized tour. I know we missed some spots but hey, we will go back to find them. We don’t like tours!
      Thanks! Happy you like it. It’s surely a place to visit.

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  1. Such color and creativity! I am continually amazed at the street art in Amsterdam… New York should take example!!! Thanks for the tour!

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        1. I never thought about that. I do admire the work this woman has done to this neighborhood. It has transformed a place which otherwise would have looked very dull and neglected into a lively and colorful place. It has also transformed the community, engaging them with a broader social project for the improvement of the community.
          Big heart led to big paintings.!!


    1. You’d have liked even more when seeing it live. It’s an impressive painting. Very happy to have shared it. I shot it weeks ago and hadn’t yet had time to select the best shots. Here was the opportunity.

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  2. How cool! I love finding street art like this. They are on such a grand scale. Michelle has some great street art in Melbourne. I should go on a hunt here in Brisbane..xx


  3. These are breathtaking beautiful. I marvel at the skill of the artists who paint these from a blank wall, and what the final creation is.
    Only these past couple of years, we have a couple of murals in the city not far from me. I love them so much.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Lucile! 🙂

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    1. I concur with you, Carl. They are amazing artists. And the scale of the paintings is impressive.
      Why don’t you share some of the ones in your neighborhood? I’d love to see them!
      Thanks for your lovely comments, Carl.

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    1. It’s indeed a wonderful initiative taken by one of the inhabitants of the area. Its effects are long lasting for it has gone beyond the intent of looking good as it has helped transforming that community.


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