I’m submitting these photos to the event Thursday Special at Paula’s blog ‘Lost in Translation’.  Guest Challenge: Abstract


Frozen Canal Reflections

These are the reflections of the buildings, street lights and cars at a frozen canal in Amsterdam.



Blurred Moon


I haven’t used this photo because it is blurry. It is part of a series of shots taken when I was learning to capture the full moon. The moon is there above the street lights, which are also playing like moons.

34 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. What a wonderful surprise Lucile. It is hard to decide what photo I like better. Maybe the second one. I am honoured to have you participate. Thank you, Paula.

  2. The canal freezes? Oh dear, I naively thought it never does… So you can either drown in there in summer or kill yourself by cracking your head on the ice in winter when you’ve had too much cabbage. Awkward. On a related note, awesome photos!

    • Oh yes, it does. For sure the smaller ones and the bigger ones only if temps are really a lot below zero. But at least a superficial layer freezes every year.
      You got the right idea, so be careful! Lol
      Thank you!

        • I read from the book outliers that one needs to do the same thing 10k time to become good at it.
          And a photographer I follow said that if we bring this into perspective and in relation to making photos, if we use an analog camera, 10 k shots would be enough, but with digital, we need 100k.
          So, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with all these bad photos I’m keeping until I reach 100k!

          • I read Outliers too. Malcolm Gladwell is great!
            Maybe we need to be selective about which bad photos we keep or invest in a very, very large hard drive! 🙂

            • I started being less impulsive when shooting and deleting it on the spot when I see that wasn’t good, and shooting again. That’s saving hard disk space. But just in case, considering that I’ll get to the 100k to prove that Gladwell is right, my husband gave me a hard drive with 1 terabyte. Lol

              • Very nice! I’ve discovered a danger with the new camera that I got a few months ago. It can very nicely shoot 11 frames per second to capture action. This amounts to an incredible amount of images when I use the feature. It can be overwhelming. I need to be careful!

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