Befriending Self: Stream of Consciousness

The hardest ever friendship to make is with our inner self.


The Soul unto itself 

Emily Dickinson, 1830 – 1886

The Soul unto itself

Is an imperial friend

Or the most agonizing Spy

An Enemy could send

Secure against its own

No treason it can fear

Itself –  its Sovereign  –  of itself

The Soul should stand in Awe


This post is for this week’s theme: Acquaint/ Friend at LindaGHills blog Stream of Consciousness

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Sharing my views and experiences with words and photos - taken with diverse angles - influenced by the multicultural countries I have lived and worked. I studied Psychology and have an MBA. After working for corporates, I became an entrepreneur and consultant. Cycling, hiking, windsurfing, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photographing, are no longer just hobbies listed in a resume.

20 thoughts on “Befriending Self: Stream of Consciousness

  1. Nice! I especially like the truth of “The hardest ever friendship to make is with our inner self.” It took far too long for me to marry these two things – my happiness and my love of self. Thank you for a lovely reminder to preserve this vital marriage.

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