Tea Time #6 is Going Dutch Today!

And it is tea time at Justine’s blog Eclectic Odds n Sods, The Tea Time event.

Today is a special day for my blog, as we celebrate its one-year anniversary. There is no better place to celebrate than at Justine’s blog!

I join the event today by bringing white tea and cookies. I will be back later and bring cake for you!


I am serving white tea with two traditional Dutch cookies: Stroopwaffels (100g=455 kcal) and Gevulde Kookie (100g=430 kcal). As they are very calorie’s rich and filling, I am having just one of them, whilst  enjoying my tea. There is a whole pack for you though.

Some information about these cookies:

A stroopwafel (syrup waffle or caramel waffle) is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. They are sold in the street markets as a snack.

The dough is made from flour, butter, brown sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs. Medium sized balls of dough are put into a heated waffle iron and pressed into the required uniformly thin, round shape. After the waffle has been baked, and while it’s still warm, it is split into thin layered halves. The warm filling, made from syrup, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon, is spread between the waffle halves, gluing them together.

The stroopwafel originates from Gouda in the Netherlands. It was first made during the late 18th century or early 19th century by a baker using leftovers from the bakery, such as breadcrumbs, which were sweetened with syrup.

The Gevulde Kookie (filled cookie) is a crumby, buttery tender dough with an almond filling. I couldn’t find any information about its origin but have a recipe :

300 gram all-purpose flour
g butter
g sugar
g ‘amandelspijs’ (recipe below)
about 10 almonds (one for every

For the ‘amandelspijs’:
125 gram whole almonds (without skin)
g sugar
skin of 1 lemon (without white part)

Amandelspijs: Grind the almonds, mix with the sugar, egg and lemon skin. Make it as fine as possible, and as quick as possible (if you do it too long, the taste gets worse). Mix it very good and keep it in one or more very good closed jars. You can keep it for 4-6 weeks, that is very good for the taste, but you have to keep the jars very tightly closed, so air can’t come in.

The koekie: Mix butter, flour and sugar quickly together to get a dough. Roll it out until it’s about 1/3 centimeter thick, on a surface with a little flour on it (against sticking). Use the ring to cut the cookies out of that layer of dough. Put 50% of those cookies on a greased cookie sheet. Put a spoonful of the amandelspijs on every cookie on that surface. Make the edges of the cookies a little wet and cover them with the other 50% of the cookie-circles. Push the edges very tightly together. Beat the egg and use a brush to to put it on the surface of the cookies. Bake them in an oven (160=B0C or 325F) for about 25 minutes, until they are golden brown.

Go there and join the Tea Time #6.

Justine is offering a delicious Omega 3 protein recover chia seed pudding. Her tea event is a party, and you can bring cakes, booze, thoughts fit for chats and laughter, and… I couldn’t forget, yes, you may drink tea too. Don’t miss it.

Cheers to Justine for organizing this wonderful event!

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31 thoughts on “Tea Time #6 is Going Dutch Today!

  1. oooh la la thank you for joining and as i said before Happy Anniversary to a year’s worth of blogging i am so happy you went from blogger to here hehe otherwise we would not have found you wonderful Lucile. Now i think they sell cold packaged items similar to this in Neroes if i am not mistaken, they are indeed very yummy. So are you baking a cake? faints then grinzzzzz xxxx


    1. Heartfelt thankS my dearest hostess.<3 You brought tears to my eyes. Likewise. It's been a real gift to meet a fantastic person like you.
      And yes, these waffles have gone global…yummy but very rich…too sweet.
      Baking cake is not happening as I'm not home now. I thought of bringing my hubby's preferred cake from a fab place!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely post as always 🙂 I love the fact about the calories – whenever I read the calories listed, I enjoy biting into the cookies even more just to fight off some inner noise telling me to do some more sport 😉


    1. Makes me laugh formula hearing the inner voice that tells you more Hgas sport. I also have that inner voice but not weight, time , and yes for health and wellness, and neither will do much attention .
      Greetings .

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I love hearing about your culture. The cookies look fabulous! I wish I could be there in a snap of our fingers. 🙂


  3. I’ve tried stroopwafles and they’re just delicious. I keep meaning to tell you that I finally tried the mangoes here – they come from Brazil – and they’re really, really good. Miles better than the ones available in New Zealand.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Felicidades Lucile; es estupendo que ya cumpla un año su blog, y muchas gracias por toda su compañía desde que nos encontramos.
    Sus dos galletas parecen deliciosas, pero si son demasiado dulces, me apunto al té blanco y espero al pastel ese que está llegando para aquí.
    Un abrazo.


          1. I am awake. Fell asleep really early wasn’t feelin so hot. Now it’s 3am and I’m raring to go lol. Latte please. And some of those almond cookies…anything I can get for you? Pancakes? Scrambled eggs?

            Liked by 1 person

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