What Life Path Ticket do You Have?

I had yoga, plus reading and commenting on blogs, for breakfast.

Catching up on blogs I appreciate, brought me coincidently(?) to the same question, which served me well to kick off another week.

The question I like to ask myself and others: have we find our talent, passion, dreams and purpose, and do we let it live? Or are we following another life path?

Whilst having an imaginary cuppa with Estelea, a thoughtful blogger from Estelea’s blog, she wisely implied that single tasking is the new multitasking. Read more of what she has to say at Cheers to a New Single-Tasking Kind of Day!  

I got even more so into the mood that “Life is one, don’t blow it”, when reading an update on fellow blogger Ray Ferrer’s health condition. You may not know that he recently discovered a brain tumor. He is a full-time artist and his wife had to stop working to help him full-time. They need help. Head to his blog and either buy his art or donate at GoFundMe.

The post Choose the Hard Path’ drove me deeper. Written with the refined sensitivity of photographer, journalist and artist Otto von Münchow at his blog In Flow, he points out that we take shortcuts as opposed to the hard-path: “There is something with us human being that is almost ingrained in our nature. We tend to take the easy way. Why shouldn’t we? Why make it hard when we can make it easy? I think this most human feature stems from prehistoric times, when we were still hunters and gatherers.”

I left a comment there, which I am bringing back here and writing a bit more on that.

The almost unconscious and unnoticed social pressure to conform to average standards, brings most people to average and unhappy life paths. Some not even discovering that their unhappiness comes from not having yet found out what they are good at, nor what their passion is.

The ones who know it already though, and still don’t follow it, do this sometimes because of the pressure to deliver, to perform, to be someone, to make money, to have a job (and there are many full-time occupations not being considered as a job!).

Fear plays a role too. How any people do not follow their artistic vocations for fear? How many people do not leave inadequate jobs for fear?

Somehow, the hunters and gatherers of the past had it easier on the social pressure aspect, whilst it was harder, to count as resources, only on wild plants and animals. We live exactly in the opposite state.

In our westerner social context, we have abundant resources and pressure. Taking no shortcut is about accepting that we don’t need to have all that is on offer to consume; that we don’t need to do what everyone does; that we don’t need to follow the paths lined up by others for us; that we don’t need to bother about people’s opinion on us; that we don’t need to be someone else but ourselves.

The biggest pressure we feel though is, of self-acceptance; realizing that, frees us up from the perception that we need to be accepted by others nor need to surrender to the perceived societal pressures.

Choosing to be oneself is a hard way to live, but it is still the only authentic and rewarding way.

So, what life path ticket do you have?

Did you buy a ready-made one, or are you shaping your life path?

This post is inspired by Trablogger, who is in a journey to find his dreams and miracles in Dubai.

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

29 thoughts on “What Life Path Ticket do You Have?

  1. Thought provoking words. I’d never assume to know what the world might throw at me because you know we get thrown curve balls often. However that is not to say I am complacent far from it but I learnt to be flexible. I would love to be paid for what I spend my time doing x

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  2. I really appreciated your words — And they resonated with me especially the fact that fear guides a lot of us in life (in various ways) and the path to true understanding and contentment is self-acceptance and self-assurance that all will turn out ok…
    Thanks, Lucile for bringing this topic to the blogosphere today!
    Much love,

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  3. Very well written Lucile. This is something I want to read before I head out into uncertainties with insecurities! Of course there is fear of all kinds, of success, of failure and what not, that holding us( ok, holding me) back! Maybe like Otto said, we all are looking for the easy way and stops at the first obstacle that we stumble upon. And then, like me, wait for a miracle to happen 😉 How stupid! 😛


    1. I’m glad you like it.
      You’re not alone. I have felt like that many times, and overcame it, but know that it’s not over, as life keeps moving and I’ll be again confronted with life choices.
      So, keep reminding yourself and you stand a chance to not betray your dreams.Good luck.

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    1. Thanks, Debbie. These are the conversations I have with myself when triggered by others’ thoughts. This picture was made by my husband during one of his off road motorbike trips. He has been in beautiful and rocky places. Thanks. I will let him know.

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  4. This is a very moving post Lucile (for some reason my keyboard seemed to autofill that sentence…)

    Choosing one’s own path can be the hardest thing, there are so many pressures on us to conform. The hardest path is often the one that leads us right back to ourself, and unless we are prepared to take it we may lose ourselves, and in consequence offer little to those around us…

    Always enjoy coming over to your blog for a good old think…

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    1. Andy, you’re so right; choosing one’s own path is hard and it’s not a one-off event. We have to constantly make choices throughout our life journey, so the challenge is ever present.
      Thank you as always for your insights and kindness.
      PS:Your keyboard is called Siri!

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      1. You are welcome, as always, and yes, every day we make choices, and part of our human condition is that we will never know whether the choice we didn’t make would have been better. So, we must face the consequences of the choices we do make, not look back, and do the very best we can.

        You see, you always inspire these thoughts….


  5. The problem is that most of us are not taught to listen to our hearts. We are given so much advice about what is the best career for us based on superficial assessments and what the marketplace desires at the moment. Like be computer literate because this is what is needed in business now. There is no attention given to the individual talents we bring into the world. There is not encouragement or instruction given on how to tune into who we are and what we truly have to give. So that is why so many of us do not know what our purpose or real talents are.

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  6. Deborah, this is a very thoughtful addition, which touches the heart of the problem. I second you on that. Schools are not the place to develop our talents and neither the job market.
    Thank you so much.


      1. You’re welcome and I am so happy to share it further. This has been the centre of conversation at home. Lovely to meet you and great blog you have here. By the way, where is that amazing bridge you have on the masthead of your blog?


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