Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge #5

This is the only plant that didn’t loose any leaves, even when wind force Bft 8 was blowing away a chair and the remaining leaves of other plants in my terrace.

I used an iPhone 5s and the app Camera+ macro to capture the dried leaves of a Copper Beech tree (scientific name: ‘Fagus Sylvatica – Atropunicea’).

As the sun set yesterday, its lights created a beautiful contrast of colors on those dried leaves of the Copper Beech tree. Copper beeches first appeared as mutants independently in different parts of Europe and were already known in Germany before 1488. Today this tree is planted extensively in parks and gardens, adding dark purple leaves to the landscape.

Here are the photos:

I am joining Lens and Pens by Sally, who hosts each Monday the Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge. Following the link you will learn how to join in. I invite you to check her blog as well. Besides stunning photos, Sally shares insightful reflections, which are worth reading.

The scheduled theme for the 2nd Monday of the month is ‘Macro’.

What did you think? Don’t forget to visit Lens and Pens by Sally!


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

25 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge #5

    1. Indeed, Sally. Nature doesn’t stop surprising and entertaining us.
      I am glad you liked the 2nd image. It is the one which came out better. Thanks much for letting me know your opinion.


  1. What gorgeous colors! Copper, gold, honey, bronze…. So pretty and textured … The Camera+ app is great. I’ve yet to try its macro… Great inspiration !


          1. Oh I just took a couple of pics of my hand ! But I’ll use it for more post-worthy things soon:)))
            Enjoy your cup of java! I just jumped on the subway:))

            Liked by 1 person

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