The Bee’s Tables in Amsterdam

Serendipity made me get off the tram one stop before my destination, because I suddenly decided to shoot something I always wanted and never did.




Later at home I learned that the DP Weekly Photo Challenge theme is ‘Scale’. Editor Michelle asks us to “share an image that highlights a size relationship — make us pause and take a second look to understand the scale of the elements in your photo”.

These are the so-called Bijentafels (Bee’s tables) from the artist Frank Mandersloot, placed at the Rietland Park, Eastern harbor district of Amsterdam.

They stand there in a scaled up contrast with the size of people, cars, bikes and buildings around it.

The artist spent 9 years developing it. He didn’t intend show the honey bees as the meaning for his art. He wanted to show the relationship between people and nature, both present in the city life. He says that bees depend on humans in the city, and their presence is a measure of the city’s health. Not the physical but mental health of the environment; nature bringing a positive influence to city people’s lives.

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21 thoughts on “The Bee’s Tables in Amsterdam

  1. One day when I come to Amsterdam this will be my first place to see. The tables are just stunning and the message behind that piece of art is even greater.

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      1. As soon as I start feeling better I’ll think about it once again. It would be so cool to meet you, at least for a coffee somewhere ❤️ I hope, one day we will write a post together from Amsterdam 🙂

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  2. That’s amazing i love this idea. You have reminded me of a chair in the Forest of Dean that is over sized, but this concept in the city and having a home for the bees far more meaningful, i bet you were excited when you got hom eand realized the wp theme for the week? hehe x

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  3. This is an incredible urban art installation! You’ve captured its scale wonderfully.. The people and bicycles are dwarfed by the tables’ size! And what a tribute to nature that the artist made… So innovative… I seriously have to visit Amsterdam to witness these amazing works of art, right in the middle of the city!
    Happy Saturday dear Lucile!


    1. You do appreciate art, isn’t it? I’m so glad. I’m already making your travel itinerary.;-)
      Happy Saturday to you too, and also always, am grateful for your visit and lovely comments.


  4. Wow! That’s a masterpiece. You have explained it well. We the mortals are like bees before nature. Well, that becomes a reason for me to visit Amsterdam, part of it you have already shown in your blogs though!!! Have a great weekend Lucile (Pls correct me if I spell your name right).


    1. I wish I knew the artist to tell him of your opinion. It is indeed a great piece of art.
      Thank you very much for you comment and I am happy to learn that my blog posts have made you consider visiting Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city. If you ever come here, let me know and I will make suggestions of must-see places.
      And by the way, you spelled my name perfectly.
      Have a wonderful weekend too!

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    1. Hi! You said on another comment that you knew where the bridge on the header image is. So, it’s in the same area., Eastern harbor area of Amsterdam. If you remember the central station,, when walking east along the water, you would be there in 10 min max. The tables are at Rietland park. It’s not a park,though.


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