Versatile Blogger Award for New Bloggers – Part II


I have blogged at WP since September 2014. I was generously awarded by some wonderful people and that gesture always made the beginner-me feel privileged, and well taken care of by the more experienced bloggers. I have always posted about it, according to the mentioned ‘rules’. This time is different, as I have invented new rules. Here they are:

First rule: I am going to give back the generosity received. I will acknowledge beginners bloggers, who my friend Carl from The Old Fellow Goes Running has nominated, so that we can give them a head start on the blogosphere. You will see some names here to check out. I totally trust his judgment.

Here Are 2 of Carl’s Nominees and his reasons to choose them:

“1. My Alpine Obsession (19 Followers) The last time is have climbed technically goes back to 22BC (22 years before children). I still love reading up on climbing a lot, and was more than delighted to cross paths with this blog. Please check it out. You’ll climb along on some epic ice and rock routes in the 2014 Trips/Adventures. The year 2015 is a clean slate, but will be no doubt be filled in, starting with a trip to Switzerland in February. 🙂

2. Child’s Eye View Blog (20 Followers) I really wish I had resources like this after my dad’s sudden death when I was 15. Author Ashley holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and works as a clinical therapist. Focusing on addressing grief and depression in children, adolescents and young adults, I find the posts very helpful for myself in my own world, as well as being a valuable resource to reach out to others. :)”

Second rule: I am going to write a post not about me, but those who awarded me, and will introduce them to you.  I was awarded a Versatile Blogger by three fellow bloggers. The first one is Restart Urgently Needed. The other two are: April ‘s Perspective and Author S.B. Mazing.  I will dedicate a separate post to each of them.  This post is about April’s Perspective.

April E. Sutton is an American writer/journalist with training in Broadcast Communications and Psychographics. She lives in the southern tip of Ohio together with her husband. She appreciates the opportunity to know different perspectives and viewpoints. This is an interest developed while living in several locations throughout the US, expanded while visiting England, Germany and Japan, as well as through conversations with people from many other countries while hosting them in her country.

I came across April’s blog while during the Blogging University courses. Her posts are delightful; you recognize in her writing style, that she is someone who not only knows, but welcomes wide angles and varied viewpoints – when addressing any subject – making her posts more enticing. I invite you to visit her blog and explore her versatile perspectives.

Now,  a little introduction using her own words:

“I am a generalist with extensive interests. I appreciate the domestic arts and crochet and sew. I love the fine arts and belong to a Creative Cluster made up of artists from a variety of disciplines: a painter, photographer, designer, fabric artist, writer, and an active searching creative. I am an avid reader, and frustrated by my lack of feedback on my writing efforts, except by my friends who love it, and my family who don’t get it.

My Blog is my Perspective on what is happening around me, commentary on current news, social issues, personal issues that could apply to anyone. Just as any newspaper has a lifestyle and entertainment section, so does my blog include lifestyle and entertainment. The entertainment is my attempt at poetry, and fiction writing.

A nice benefit of sharing blogs is getting to know about people, and their world, that you would otherwise never even meet. I have now had contact with people from around the globe.”

Thank you, April.

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

9 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award for New Bloggers – Part II

  1. And thank you for sharing some more wonderful bloggers, this place, wordpress, is a wonderful way of learning about real people is extraordinary places…one of which is you, a real and extraordinary person also..

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  2. It has taken me awhile to drop by and comment Lucile, but thank you so much again. You are such a selfless human being.

    Just got around to checking out April’s blog. Well worthy of your recommendation, and a very fitting title regarding the many topics shared within her posts.

    Thank you, sorry I am very behind in my reading. Off to Part 3. 🙂



    1. Thank you, Carl, for reading all the blogs of the people who awarded me. You’re a gentleman and a kind heart.

      I’m humbled and not deserving of your kind words. I’m not just selfless as I’m capable of selfish acts as well.
      I’m just human. Thank you anyways for spoiling my heart. Hopefully not my vanity.

      And of course, a giant thank you for helping all these bloggers and letting us know about them too.

      Have a lovely day.


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  3. What a wonderful introduction. Thank you, it really warmed my heart. Thank you also for the introduction to some fine bloggers.

    I did have to hunt for the ping back, but everything is right again. I am relieved.


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