Telling People’s Stories

Weekly Photo Challenge‘s editor Krista asked us to show what “express yourself” means to us.

She points out that “sometimes serendipity is the casual photographer’s best friend”.

I would say, serendipity… is how I like to capture moments, and express myself. Besides, I am a casual, and amateur photographer!

Portraits and street photography are a passion. I sacrifice sharpness, focus, contrast, definition, whatever, and photograph with any lights’ condition, as long as I can capture and immortalize people’s emotions, or outdoor images, which tell me a story.

Just like this moment between father and daughter.


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Sharing my views and experiences with words and photos - taken with diverse angles - influenced by the multicultural countries I have lived and worked. I studied Psychology and have an MBA. After working for corporates, I became an entrepreneur and consultant. Cycling, hiking, windsurfing, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photographing, are no longer just hobbies listed in a resume.

68 thoughts on “Telling People’s Stories

    1. Me encanta hacer fotos como estas. Prefiero que la gente no ve que estoy haciendo sus fotos y puedo capturar sus expresiones naturales.
      Estoy muy contenta de que usted aprecia las fotos ..


  1. That’s a beautiful photo Lucile. I was really inspired by your words about sacrificing technical perfection to ‘capture and immortalise’ people’s emotions. I’m keen to do more street photos and aim to reflect on these words whenever I’m out shooting. Thanks!


    1. Thank you Michelle.Nice to hear I have inspired you to do more street photography. I love it. Those are the ones you cannot think much and just shoot to capture magic moments. They won’t wait for us to set the camera! I am sure you will enjoy it. I am already looking forward to seeing your photos as you have a great eye and already capture great photos. 🙂

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  2. Honey, you are professional, of course. Amazing shot! It’s not only the thecnique that make a good photo, but the exact moment of which is sublime. I hope have my emotion captured by your lens someday. Love…

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  3. What a beautiful moment. To have such expression in their eyes. I love the fact that you shared it in black and white and I love how the edges are blurred. The only thing that matters is that moment and the feeling that it conveys.


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