Guessing Game #4 of Eclectic Corner: Ôfrin.


This is the photo posted for guessing game #4 for the event ‘Guessing Game’ at Eclecticoddsnsods hosted by Justine at the Eclectic Corner.  The subject was Protection/Protective. There were great guesses but perhaps for another photo…so what is in the photo?

Let me start complimenting my adorable friend Desley from Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist. She is a party breaker though! She was the first to comment and with a nonchalant simplicity of a truly smart and skilled scientist, she wrote: “Hello there! What an interesting image. I’m thinking maybe pills?! I had to answer like a lawyer: “Hello dear! Pills? To be or not to be…it may or may not be in the vicinity. It is a good thought though.” I was gasping for air and hoping she would give up. She did!

Then came Justine, the gracious and fabulous hostess of the Eclectic Corner armed with her kids to defeat me with jelly beans, pearls, bubbles and berries. She unlawfully accused me of having a an evil streak! How daring! I only forgave her when she thought I was protecting alien eggs and photographing them! At the end she tried to bribe me. I thought much higher of the British…

Lia from ‘Lifestyles with Lia’ was hungry when guessing, putting all her efforts on one idea: cannellini beans! Lia, I read today we should never blog when drunk or angry; I will add hungry to that list! Thanks Lia!

Done Whale, Anujakokrady, and Indianmacgyver joined Justine’s off-target bandwagon of bubbles, and Mac even dared to add that an alien egg was a close second thought! I need to stop posting about cyborgs here, as I am badly influencing my friends!  Obviously, Albert from nty6x was multitasking (remember: only women claim being good at this) and guessed it was a frog or fish eggs! He quickly recovered from his distraction by putting all his eggs on one basket: bubble wraps! Wrong!

Another party breaker showed up. Trablog travels a lot and might carry a first aid bag with him. So, there he goes: “These are pills for 5 days! Because one part is being cut!”. Without blinking my eyes, and once again, with a lawyer’s tone of voice, I pleaded: “Definitely not!” And I wasn’t cheating. As these pills are not ‘only for 5 days’! This subtle answer made him change into a bottle, and sit on the bench. I truly hope you are not still there, drinking booze and waiting for my disclosure! Congratulations to you, my super smart friend, you were guessing right!

But the game continued.  Perelincolors bet discreetly on soap foam, and when hearing “no”, went way; for a shower, maybe?

Hammastelija asked me if I was brushing my teeth. Sorry, I forgot to answer. How unkind. Yes I do it regularly. Has my dentist told you I am late with booking my annual visit? And no, I wasn’t washing dishes with rubber gloves either.

Mara Eastern wrongly guessed the image was my single brain cell, and with that made my self-confession public! I’m still not on speaking terms with her.

Then came Andy Townend from ‘Belgian Streets’, bringing “some form of micro culture, perhaps cells of some clever antivirus”. Well Andy, these pills protect the stomach; you were close, but unfortunately on the other side of the pills’ spectrum. Think simple Andy, simple!

Lovely Adrianna from ‘Girl About the Country’ arrived, accusing me of killing her, and making no guesses! Ouch! She is from the US – where “I heard” that people sue each other often for any reason they deem necessary – so I was very afraid, immediately calling Veronica, a lawyer friend of mine, for advice. She works for Nike though, and had no idea on what I should do, except for running away and fast from my blog!

Phoenixgrey85 showed up thinking that it was someone’s nails with tarnish on them. I guess a stomach is pretty tarnished when it needs these pills…

Once again you all made me laugh with your guesses and I hope you too. It is my fourth time posting the guessing game, and I am delighted to watch human behavior in motion, mine included, as I also guessed at other blogs. Thanks Justine and everyone for making this a fun, relaxed event. It is nice to not be so serious, as I am the whole time. Says my husband!

I won’t be too serious now but just add some curious information.

This post is no scientific research – my disclaimer – and I just will add observations on how our reactions become so predictable when challenged! We even forget the subject of our search: an image of something which is protective.

The competitive juices start flowing in our brains, and we bravely make our first guess. Learning that it is a cold guess, either discourage some, who never come back to guess, or make it even more interesting to some others, who keep guessing.

That is the moment when perception goes off track, and with full force through a tunnel vision. A doctor would say that tunnel vision is a loss of peripheral vision, making one look at objects as seen through a dark tunnel. A psychologist would say though that it’s a narrow or exclusive focus on an emotion. Let’s say it plainly, it is when one cannot see the forest from the trees!

Once our mind sets it on a course, it has difficulties to get out of it. We are incredibly gifted to multitask: breath, talk, listen, think, all at the same time. Even a man can do it.  But when the adrenaline goes up, we see no new possibilities, emotions kick in, and we focus our attention on one point. We keep guessing, based on the same first image we formed in our minds. If we would take a break and try to see the image as new, we would see other perspectives, and other clear images would form in front of our eyes.

There is a benefit in focusing our attention during a crisis though. It is our survival instinct working to protect us from danger (Fight-Flight-Freeze response). However, as we know,  applying a narrow focus can become a dysfunctional habit to process information and we end up missing or neglecting what is really important.

Human judgment and decision-making gets distorted by cognitive, perceptual and motivational biases. We tend to acknowledge and even overestimate bias in human judgment – except when that bias is our own. The problem we create is that the quality of our judgment and decision-making is affected, and can cause misunderstanding and conflict.
When we are too close to a situation we need to step back and get another perspective. Then we will finally notice there was a whole forest we couldn’t see before because we were too close, and focusing only on the trees.


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42 thoughts on “Guessing Game #4 of Eclectic Corner: Ôfrin.

  1. It was fun reading your post, Lucile 🙂 Ah, so the pink hue in the photo threw people off ;p DesleyJane, being the scientist, was spot on! I had thought that they were pearls, but that wouldn’t fit ‘protection’.


  2. Lol! Humourous. I was off trying to gain new perspective but when i got out of this tunnel, i got stuck in another one :O

    Still don’t look like pills!!


    1. Great to make you laugh too. I am mortified here, as I was replying to you on gfchopstix comment thread!
      Talking about distraction and tunnel vision and applying it myself!
      The issue was that as our scientist-in-chief was spot on and I denied it, automatically the others took the wrong tunnel as well!

      Of course it should not look like pills!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Where is the original picture “advocate”?! :p
    And “Learning that it is a cold guess, either discourage some, who never come back to guess” yes, that is me 😀


  4. This was a fun game to play. Even thought I was way off with my guess, I enjoyed reading others’ guesses, and was surprised by the wide range of things people thought of. The suspense of waiting to find out what it actually was was fun too. Nice to know though.


    1. Thanks! Justine wants us to have fun, so …
      It’s amazing. And I do exactly the same. Lol i got stuck seeing a squid on Justine’s photo…and yours was no more no less than a suitcase in my mind. My comment was lost though. Might be marked as spam somewhere. Lol


  5. Omgggg you just psychoanalysed the entire human race lmao and i was in that tunnel panicking when i was reading it. It was a roller coaster ride your synopsis of comments had me laughing your analysis had me falling down that tunnel and as for your ‘actual’ image all i can say is ‘wicked’

    I have come to the conclusion all participants this time around have shown their dark side in enjoying a slow method of torture on himans that being frustration lol

    I would never have seen those as pills in a million years haha…i had to giggle with a slight sense of satisfaction at you messing up the replies in comments…oh revenge is sweet oh sly one :-D. J/k 😍<3


    1. Oh no…if I had done that, we would need a million pages to describe the results. LOL And I am not qualified for that anyways.

      I hope you found your way out of the tunnel. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get out of your post’s tunnel, trying to bring all squids I collected there back to the ocean, where they belong. I haven’t yet seen one crab…LOL.

      Now you are talking like the psychoanalyst…hum…yes indeed we are getting devilish as the participants are way too clever. A certain Scientist from Australia is scanning our brains…don’t you think Desley is really a cyborg, just like Gidget, her dog? Desley, I still love you!

      No revenges, ok? We have a deal!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh i am always in a tunnel unfortunately or fortunately hehe.

        I think DesleyJane is def scanning our brains or maybe it is totally down to Gidget and Teddy could be brainwashed in to the deal too, i mus tkeep an eye on him.

        so no more revenge, that is a sweet deal..g.rins ❤


  6. Good morning! Well , I’m blogging hungry right now because I’ve yet to have breakfast! I agree it’s better to blog on a full stomach !
    You can see I had food on the brain when I guessed cannellini beans;)
    Now I can see clearly what it really was!
    Happy sunday


  7. these wrap up posts are more fun than the game itself! i have a few pics that might be eligible for a round but i should guess more before i join in.

    i had a feeling someone might have been close. i’m going to pay more attention to your ambiguous comments next round 🙂


    1. You should join us. I am sure you are going to make us suffer when guessing and reward us with much laughter! Please join.

      Exactly. If one pays attention, the guessing game is over…

      Thanks. I love to see you here.

      Liked by 1 person

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