Throwback to Summer



As I organized my old photos archives, I found this one I made when I followed a photography course for beginners. I had acquired a Nikon FM and the best is that I paid for it with my own money, made by working as Psychological Research trainee at the University.  I still have this camera, though I don’t use it anymore, it has a very special and emotional value to me.

These are fishermen appreciating the sunset after returning from a day of work.



24 thoughts on “Throwback to Summer

    • The photo was tarnished, so after scanning, I used Lightroom to improve it. I worked with editing contrast, grain, resolution, and could disguise quite a lot of the issues.
      I had developed it myself while learning in class, and the quality was not that good either.
      Glad you liked it.

  1. I love everything about this photo – the silhouette of friends having fun at the beach, the sparkling water, the scattered clouds, the setting sun – a great shot. Thanks for sharing Lucile.

  2. I love the atmosphere in this photo, you can hear the voices, the waves, the gulls and smell the sea. Although I am a total Nikon person now my first ‘real’ camera was my Olympus OM10 which after a refurb still works and I must get it our and use it again…

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