Guessing Game #4 What’s in the Image?


The photo posted for guessing game #4


And here goes my photo for the event ‘Guessing Game’ at Eclecticoddsnsods hosted by Justine at the Eclectic Corner.  The subject matter is Protection/Protective. Go there and add your link too!

Now, guess what is in my photo? Leave your guess below in the comments.

57 thoughts on “Guessing Game #4 What’s in the Image?

  1. It’s actually a very pretty photo and oddly the first thing that came to mind was jelly beans haha then oearls but that has nothing to do with protective etc so ermmm stuck I will need to reconvene on this one lol. Thank you also for joining in wow you were quick!!!bravo bellisimo x

    • Have you been to the same university with Desley? Wow. And no. Haven’t tried to harm myself by shooting colonies of bacterias and antviruses…and don’t have yet a NASA quality lens, just a simple mirror less camera. Lol.
      You may go around though and find an answer.

  2. hrmm now I am having another look at it as I know the grand reveal is this Saturday. Hrrm..its pink now did you put a pink hue on it or is it naturally pink and is it wet? lol, do you notice lots of quetions and not much guessing haha , pretty please?

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