When I See You

And this is Ana Livia, the Goddess of Happiness.  She is a captivating and sweet kid.

I captured her beautiful smile 3 weeks ago, while she played with her girlfriend.

This was my way to start the week on a good and positive note, and to wish you all the same.


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

48 thoughts on “When I See You

    1. Isn’t she adorable? It is a two way process and if the connection with the person is good, they and I rekax, abd that is when I get their best.
      Your comment is much appreciated and means a lot to me. Thanks. Xxx

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        1. I confess that as much as I love photography of others, I don’t like to be photographed. But being a corporate executive requires – amongs other silly things – to have your professional portraits for the company website and magazine.
          One day there was a photographer who spent time talking to me first about this and much more, before I heard any click. We connected first.
          And I never forgot him and the photos he made. The best photos I ever had. Smiling all over. Because I focused on him and trusted him. He taught me a lot that day.
          I try to do the same and it is working so far.

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          1. I can imagine it really makes a difference – I always look very selfconscious on pictures and I either have my eyes closed or my mouth distorted as if I didn’t know how to smile.


            1. Very right. And I’m reopening without votes. Which I had disabled by the way, otherwise links were no longer accepted.
              I created the new link today. Subscribed to them and can use it for unlimited time. I couldn’t create my own widget though. Does it have to do with WP restrictions? Do you self host your blog?
              Any tips?

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              1. you have to create your own image, which i think you did, then insert it in to coding at the back of the page within the Inlinkz script, if you want to email me your Inlinkz script and http thingy for your image on your blog I can try and work it out xx


          1. i have a question for you, my blog, i have a lot of photographs now, more than writing but i still intend to write. I notice however, that most photographic blogs have one or no sidebars for better display and their backgrounds are usually white.

            I was thinking, pondering of having a set front page, like a web page with all my info that i might have down the side bar and then the blog with one sidebar or none, not sure though as that is a big change. Plus a paler background but not sure, what do you think? x


            1. The great thing about this is that we have been thinking about the same.
              I asked around and heard that as readers are lazy in general , they don’t like to have to go through many steps to get to your post or photo. A front page creates exactly this experience. Unfortunately, although it would offer what we are looking for.
              Mara uses a front page and we could ask her views on this.

              Regarding the color, I learned that white is a no- go for photos and paintings. Most museums are changing to 50 tons of gray…lol. They read the book. I guess they wanted to jazz up and bring sex appeal to the look of boring museums. Lol.
              Now serious, there is research behind this finding. It does bring forward the image in a splendid form.

              Why don’t you create a test blog to see how you would make it and see if you like it? I’m going to do that as I want to make some visual changes too.
              What do you think? And let’s knock at Mara’s door for consulting.

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              1. Hah, well interesting you say that, I spoke to Mara a while back about her front page, when she asked for opinions, as I found it annoying to have to go through her static page all the time, esp when looking from my phone, from the computer it is easier and if i didn’t love maras blog and her so much it might put me off, so i wonder why i was wondering on a static page in the first place lol. It is fine for your existing readers but for new ones it might put them off.

                So you are saying grey is the colour to have for backgrounds? Only grey? This is the to be colour? Do you have an example of how it looks?

                Re trial blog, how does one do that, maybe I am being stupid lol. I have other blogs I dont use but not the upgrades on them, so not sure how I would test this out without testing it on Eclectic?

                Hrrrm the only solution then would be to cut down my sidebars, not sure that would be a good idea though, hrmmm, more pondering.

                Do you think I should cut down to one sidebar? x


  1. “Goddess of happiness”, she indeed deserves the title 🙂 Beautiful pictures and such a cute model! WIshing you two a lovely week ❤


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