Tea Time #3

I realized that although I had scheduled many posts during my family holiday break, it was impossible to stay away from the community, and to not reply to those who kindly took time to leave comments. I noticed though that I was spending more than desired time inside than outside, and I shouldn’t miss the tropic weather, considering that I would soon return to a much colder Europe.

After posting actively and daily from November onwards, it was the first time that I took a quick blogging break, starting on January 1. I missed it though, particularly the friends and the interactions with followers. But it was good to keep a bit of distance. I needed to check what was happening to me. Was I becoming addicted to it or truly enjoying it?

I’m not into exceeding or exaggerating (not including chocolates), if it is solely serving a purpose to fill in an existential emptiness of any sort. I rather deal with the ‘vacuum’s source’ when I become aware of it, instead of getting into a ‘black hole’. Have I found the answer? I will come back to this on another post.

This post is about Justine’s event from Eclectic Odds n Sods, The Tea Time event. And this event is the best way to come back to blogging and interacting after a few neutral days. Her online presence is affectionate, funny, witty, creative and heartwarming, and represents one of the most valuable findings about blogging and the community it created. This is also an ‘exaggeration’ I can live with, and can never have enough of.

Go there and join the Tea Time #3. I’m very frugal today by eating only ‘one’ cookie and drinking a red bush or rooibos tea, originally from the Cedarberg region near Cape Town in South Africa. It might be a good choice to help with the excess of holiday’s calories and it may cure the jet lag.

This tea is known for providing these benefits:  caffeine free; powerful antioxidant; prevents some cancers; high mineral content (zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron); improves circulation; relieves stomach complaints; aids absorption of iron; relieves skin conditions; protects against Parkinson and Alzheimer and encourages restful sleep.

Cheers to Justine for organizing this wonderful event that brings us bloggers together.


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

55 thoughts on “Tea Time #3

  1. Ooooh la la, firstly welcome back you were missed!!!!!

    Secondly I am bushing from ear to ear with your lovely words and nearly crying, from happiness I might say just before anyone gets confused…grins..really..your the heartwarming one Lucile 😀

    Thirdly I really want that tea, it sounds fab and I need to be doing what your’e doing, getting on that healthy wagon and caffeine free sounds ace for now, definitely.

    I love the photo, what is the glass sitting on, looks very unique!

    Last but not least, thank you so much for coming to Tea Time with me, I am glad I can tempt you with at least one biscuit and perhaps some fresh air from Andys empty bottles, now that is healthy lolol xxxx


    1. Thank, thank you missus. You’re stimulating my vanity by spoiling me like that.

      You deserve every word and ‘punto finale’. Just accept it and cry too, if you may! 😉

      I cannot believe you haven’t yet tried this tea. It is so common here that it is served in every simple cafe. Maybe the connection of the Afrikaners with the Dutch made it popular here. Please try as it is delicious too.

      The glass used is a cheese platter – of all things – that was on its way to the cupboard when I thought, ‘hey. let’s use it to compose this photo…’

      You’re more than welcome and thank you once again for having us all here for a guaranteed fun and relaxing tea ceremony. And I’m glad Andy brings only empty bottles, keeping us healthy! xxx

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      1. Oh i am crying in to my tea and muffin lucile! hehe

        Now you will be excited, or not, perhaps as my life doesn’t take much for me to get excited. I went out and found a new health shop that opened locally, the only health shop mind you. They sold teapigs which I have never had, one type of rooibos creme caramel, so i bought it. Very excited to try it a bit later.

        You also inspired me to buy a platter, it is actually plastic but looks like old metal, it was just there in a shop, just one, and in a sale, so that was it, today it seems was my day for shopping. I shall have to show it off next tea time x

        Pleasure to have the tea time and i shall let you in on a secret, next weeks Eclectic Corner is back to the fun guessing games hehe x


  2. Ah, Lucile, your thoughts about this blogging experience exactly echo mine. I am trying to find a place for this in my life without impairing the rhythm of my daily life as I’ve lived it before. I enjoy the reading, the sharing, and the knowing of others very, very much. There is an online community. But I think, that for me at least, to be meaningful, we each find our own communities, our own little microcosms in the vastness of online conversations, because we are drawn to people we are interested in having conversations with, even if only in the relative silence of actual posted responses to one another in many cases. And then, of course, there are those few we actually do have conversations with. That’s what’s important to me. But I do need the privacy and silence. That’s why I post a little sporadically,nothing and then several posts reflecting on my personal thoughts. It’s also why I tend to go back when I return to check my favorite fellow writers for what I’ve missed. Because I really do not want to lose touch with what they are reflecting about. It’s a balancing act. One worth returning to and talking about. Thanks.


    1. When I finished reading your comment, I was delighted because you added the words I wasn’t yet ready to write on this post. I actually had deleted two entire paragraphs and replaced them with the sentence that I would write more on another post. I thought that I would spoil Justine’s tea event with introspective and perhaps not exactly upbeat words. But the reactions were surprising as more people related to these thoughts even if subliminally written.
      Thank you, Sally!
      Blogging is a very individual experience but we seem to meet in two things: we all want to express our voice and we all want to connect. The pace, style and format we choose will be very different though. It will be linked to who we are, what we value and with whom and how we establish connections. The people we have conversations with, as you impecably described, bring the most value to this experience. You are one of them. Thanks.


      1. I’m glad. Now why don’t you post the last paragraph you have here, delete reference to me, and it is a whole new reflection, very personal to you and helpful to other writers. : ) It’s an important personal writer’s reflection that other writers will benefit from. Take care.


        1. Sally, it is a good idea and I may do that, but I’d like to refer you if you don’t mind. Thank you so much for all encouragement and support. I’m learning from you to take my writings more seriously. I’m clueless, to be very honest. I should follow a course, don’t you think so?
          Take care and have a lovely weekend.


    1. Sally, thank you so much. Simplicity always pays off. I only used the spot light in the kitchen sink and dimmed it a bit, turning off the main light in the room. I had done this before with a cabbage photo (which generated much laughter and associations with weed) and it worked well so I returned to the “kitchen studio”.
      Oh yes, this fresco is so special. Thank you!


  3. your words nailed it – I also miss my blog and keep checking comments and try to reply while travelling. Your tea time looks so welcoming – some years ago I spent some time at tea plantage on the Azores – your story immediately brought me back there


    1. I was unaware of the possibility that my thoughts could resonate with other’s. Somehow it feels good to know I am not the only one.
      You made me curious about the tea plating in Azores. Do you have photos and stories to share? Please?

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  4. Mma Ramotswe is always drinking bush tea in Alexander McCall Smith’s Ladies Detective Agency bush — but I never suspected that bush tea had so many healthy qualities. Love the photo!

    I took a break, too, and, aside from taking a peek at the blog’s of others, I seem unable to dip a toe into Blogging 2015’s waters. Glad you are back!


    1. Hi Sandi – have missed chatting with you. Glad to see you here.
      Thanks for your comment. The tea must really be good for the brain if the detective takes it…. 😉
      Amazing qualities, isn’t it? I like the taste and when learning about its qualities, it became a favorite.
      Join the club as it wasn’t as easy to be back blogging…the break gave me other perspectives, but once I started writing again, then I was back to the natural flow. Just come back and try. Would love to read your posts again.

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      1. Maybe blogging is like most activities we do fairly often: there is a rhythm to it, and, once out of the rhythm, it is hard to get going again. I have also been deliberately waiting until my college kids went back to school because time with them is rare. They left yesterday, and — not surprisingly — I drafted a post last night (but haven’t hit “publish” yet).


  5. Ooo, it’s one of my favourite types of tea, delish. And just one cookie? Very good ☺️
    I, for one, am glad you’re back, but I understand what you’re saying. I find myself getting lost for hours in the blogosphere in the evenings! I tool a short break too, with the very occasional post and comment, but I did miss it. Also, I feel I need to post regularly, or I might fail at this! X


    1. Really? It’s great you like it too. Let’s have a tea together. Well, just one cookie requires lots of discipline as I’m a cookie monster, but I had away too much food during holidays…
      You’re so kind. I’m glad to be back to our chat too.
      I hadn’t realized that more people shared the same feelings. I felt a bit awkward while writing as I thought I was alone…
      Interesting comment about posting regularly. You are truly busy and I think you have made a great jump at a very short period of time with great success not only content/photo wise – which is superb – but with your refined ability to genuinely connect with people. You made your mark, my dear, and there is no way back. You are doing great. xxx

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      1. Oh Lucile, thank you, that’s so nice to hear. I do love connecting with people, I love a good chat 😉 But it really helps when the people are so welcoming and open like you guys.
        Yes, I discovered Rooibos a few years ago when I visited Cairns – it’s such a refreshing tea. Also nice served ice with lemon!
        Yep – we all missed you heaps and are very glad to have you back. xoxox


  6. Hi Lucile, hope that you had a great holiday and rest – always needed 🙂
    Don’t throw your used teabag away. Many uses for them. Perhaps I should write a post about that?
    Enjoy your mug, and only one biscuit? You are disciplined! 😀


  7. Thank you for introducing us to Justine and lovely Tea Time! Just the thought of a warm cup keeps me comfy on this chilly morning!


    1. You’re welcome. And be aware. Justine’s blog is like the hotel California…you never leave…
      Good morning to you, my dearest Lia.
      Pity I can’t send rays of sun your way; it rains endlessly here.

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      1. Lol I look forward to checking in then!
        Thanks for your warm morning wishes… It is 8 degrees Fahrenheit in NYC today… Just saw a pigeon wearing earmuffs….
        You yourself are a ray of sunshine!!!


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