Turn Over a New Leaf

There is a myth that the butterfly is a symbol of transformation because of its process of metamorphosis. From egg, to larvae (caterpillar), to pupa (the chrysalis or cocoon) and finally from the cocoon comes the butterfly. This change occurs in a short span of about a month.

We can relate to the deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly.

Just like them, we are subject to the turning tides of nature – as our life journey is made of constant transformations – by understanding that it is useless to fight against it.

In the animal kingdom, unlike the butterflies, we have choice. Let’s make them wisely.

This is what I want to remind us all, as we end a cycle, and begin a new year.

“The chief beauty about time

is that you cannot waste it in advance.

The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you,

as perfect, as unspoiled,

as if you had never wasted or misapplied

a single moment in all your life.

You can turn over a new leaf every hour

if you choose.”

― Arnold Bennett

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

22 thoughts on “Turn Over a New Leaf

  1. What a stunning shot, Lucile. I have seen many butterflies and colourful moths, but they never seem to sit so still and pose for me, as this one did for you! Such vibrant colours.


  2. Beautiful post. Who would have thought that blogging on WordPress could have such a dramatic transformative effect? Some people, especially in Patagonia and China, know how much. And appreciate this post and the author very very much…

    Liked by 1 person

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