Guest Post: Indian Macgyver Says

I’m delighted and proud to introduce and host, Indian Macgyver at my blog.

In case you are wondering, no he’s not that MacGyver. He chose the name Indian Macgyver because he’s an 80’s renaissance guy and thinks the name is fun to say.

His blog is called Chic Prune because he thinks dependably regular blogging is sexy. Plus it makes him laugh every time he says it. He adds that dependably regularly reading is  sexy too.

He enjoys writing, turning a phrase and running into an idea worth pursuing, briefly.  But he aims to keep the laughs and thoughts pretty high.

I enjoy his humor and wit and to engage in conversation with him. if you check  his blog you will like it too. That is why I wanted you to know him. Now it’s his turn!

Everyone lies, even Mother Nature. The beach is a prime example. It always looks like fun, sun, and a lot of good times. But that’s a lie.

Now I’ll admit, I don’t like beaches or summer in general. Most people see sun-kissed faces, beach fit bodies. I see fake tans and months of dieting. Most see pristine sands for relaxation. I see fish carcasses dropped or washed ashore.

A swarm of parasol
A swarm of parasol


But this does look splendid. The parasols, people make it hard to imagine anything less than blissful summer fun. Unless you’re me. I see it and imagine sharks. Guess what, sharks are in those waters. Like I say, the beach lies. It looks fun but it’s dangerous.



Yes, there are times, even I like the way the beach lies. Just look below. Can you picture anything more warm and inviting than that beach, at that moment? I’m betting the answer’s, no.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilcopyright©2014
Sunset at Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

But anyone knows, a beach at sunset gets cold quick. Ok, some lies are smaller than others. My point, beaches and summer look funner than they are.



Winter, on the other hand, looks depressing, dreary, and harsh. It’s beautiful, honest. I love it. When people smile in winter, it’s despite the cold.



We don’t need encouragement to get winter body fit. There’s no craze for the season’s frostbitten look. Disney, even, made a massive hit movie* about how much people hate winter.

And look here, sunup or sundown it’s gonna’ be cold. There’s no mistaking that.

There’s no pressure in winter. We just need to stay warm and cold free. Fun’s a bonus. In summer, if you’re not having an adventure you’re missing out. My point, summer’s never as good as we expect it. But winter’s what we make it.

Lucile, thank you for sharing your blog and readers with me. Hope I did you proud. This post was inspired by the pics and great conversations with the photographer, Lucile de Godoy. And that’s no lie!

– I.M.

*Mind you, a lot of trouble could’ve been avoided if trolls were a little more forthcoming with their magical medical advice when talking to parents worried sick.

** And to all of Lucile’s readers, Indian Macgyver also says, Hi y’all!

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24 thoughts on “Guest Post: Indian Macgyver Says

  1. Thanks Lucile for the intro 🙂 Loved the take of the beaches! almost convinced me that winter could be better! until I saw the (beautiful) pictures and started snoozing! Greetings from the Pacific ( no pre diet required here 😉


      1. All is well with me thanks! I’m enjoying warmish temps here in NYC so it’s great! No worries enjoy your vacation!!! 😃😃


  2. Nice post. 🙂

    I think I still prefer summer. I can’t stand being cold. The winter is pretty to look at, especially when it snows, but the cold is, well, cold.

    I can see your point about summer bodies, and beaches, and specifically crowded beaches. But yeah, I still prefer summer.

    And thanks for bringing me to this blog Indian Macgyver. It look like an interesting place.

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