Tea Time #2

I’m bringing a tropical look to my fellow and fabulous blogger and tea lover, Justine from Eclectic Odds n Sods, The Tea Time event.

Today she organized a Christmas Special with marvelous cookies. As I’m now below the equatorial line enjoying summer, I will differ by offering a delicious juice of acerola, very rich in vitamine C; it’s going to be very helpful after all drinks brought by Andy Townend from Belgian Streets.

Go there and join the Tea Time.

Cheers to Justine for organizing a lovely event that brings us bloggers together.

Happy Holiday Season!


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38 thoughts on “Tea Time #2

      1. Thanks, Lucile! We got to be with my parents, my husband’s parents, and all my kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I’m feeling very blessed.


  1. Mmmmmm yum yum mmm that looks better than my cuppa at the moment, going to bring some back for me on the plane I hope lol!!! Thank you for coming to the tea party especially when you are abroad I feel priviledged hehe, I can have a holiday through with all your tales 🙂 Happy Christmas to you and nearest and dearest but I know we will speak before I am sure xxx


    1. How do you dare to say that? These cookies are yummieeee! They’re going to be mad at you!
      Of course I couldn’t miss your party! Feel privileged as you deserve it. Luckily I was just in time as I was about to travel again.
      That’s why I cannot promise many tales these days…sorry.
      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day with your family. Xxx

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      1. oh well I will have eaten them before they have a chance to get mad with me hehe but as for your drink I could leisurely drink that no worries or just order more.

        Oh don’t worry about tales, I am sure there will be a flurry on your return, you just make sure you have a good time or I shall have to confiscate all your cabbage ok? xxx


    1. What a lovely combination. Orange spice tea is heaven; accompanied by a goood book is even better.
      Will check this book. Thanks.
      I wish you a Happy Holidays season and a peaceful start of the New Year.


  2. Qué color tan maravilloso, y el sabor lo debe ser aún más.
    Al mirarlo, siento los recuerdos del verano y las vacaciones.
    Espero que tus Navidades estén siendo perfectas, con la familia, buen tiempo y mucho descanso.
    Yo también intentaré participar en el Tea Time # 2 de Justine.
    ¡Allí nos veremos!

    Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!


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