Tea Time #2

I’m bringing a tropical look to my fellow and fabulous blogger and tea lover, Justine from Eclectic Odds n Sods, The Tea Time event.

Today she organized a Christmas Special with marvelous cookies. As I’m now below the equatorial line enjoying summer, I will differ by offering a delicious juice of acerola, very rich in vitamine C; it’s going to be very helpful after all drinks brought by Andy Townend from Belgian Streets.

Go there and join the Tea Time.

Cheers to Justine for organizing a lovely event that brings us bloggers together.

Happy Holiday Season!


38 thoughts on “Tea Time #2

  1. Mmmmmm yum yum mmm that looks better than my cuppa at the moment, going to bring some back for me on the plane I hope lol!!! Thank you for coming to the tea party especially when you are abroad I feel priviledged hehe, I can have a holiday through with all your tales 🙂 Happy Christmas to you and nearest and dearest but I know we will speak before I am sure xxx


  2. Qué color tan maravilloso, y el sabor lo debe ser aún más.
    Al mirarlo, siento los recuerdos del verano y las vacaciones.
    Espero que tus Navidades estén siendo perfectas, con la familia, buen tiempo y mucho descanso.
    Yo también intentaré participar en el Tea Time # 2 de Justine.
    ¡Allí nos veremos!

    Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!


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