Guessing Game #2 The Correct Answer


I confess that I had forgotten to give the results of this guessing game. I got carried away with all the challenges that I joined in. Thanks to Desley from Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist as well as to Gluten Free. Lekker Food. Lekker Life, who reminded me of that, I’m coming back to you with the correct answer on the 2nd photo for the event ‘Guessing Game’ at Eclecticoddsnsods hosted by Justine at the Eclectic Corner.

I admit that my first guessing game using a cabbage photo was too easy;  perhaps feeling sorry for my short-lived game, my lovely friend Mara Eastern made the best out of it, creating neologisms with the cabbage word, which can be used as: holy cabbage, smoking cabbage, and many more.

This cabbage creativity craze spread so fast on the blogosphere, and generated much laughter as well. But why am I talking about that? Because you will love to know that someone sent via inbox to me a naughty question, inquiring if smoking cabbage was in fact smoking pot! Well, as it happens with neologisms, you may use the words as you wish…

Let’s move on to the game. Thanks everyone, it was so much fun to interact with you and read your guesses. I was pleased to see that this wasn’t as easy for you…

Not even smoking cabbage and wearing a pair of her racy cheesecloth tights made Mara Eastern guess the right answer. Andy Townend joined the cabbage trip, looking into the interior of a patagonian operating system showing the meshed central core; yes, he got lost there.

the oldfellowgoesrunning guessed that a chain link fence would bring him far but it didn’t work at all.

RachelM came all the way from Scotland to take part and bet on a mosquito net. nty6x was convinced of it as well, but he also failed when joining indianmacgyver and guessing a beehive.

A washcloth, maybe, to splash water on your face guessed  Sandi but that ideas were cold as water during this time of the year.

gloriad54 pursued the wrong path of an a/c or heater filter and that didn’t help either.

gfchopstix gambled on mesh or the cover of a computer fan, which was image-wise not a bad guess; it resembles the original picture but nope, it isn’t either.

Eclecticoddsnsods and I talked more about tea than the challenge, and that resulted in guessing on some kind of bandage…we haven’t really talked about what kind of bandage anymore. But if you want to know about Macha tea or baked cabbage…talk to her.

Desley saw spotty shoelaces hanging behind a curtain, and had she stayed behind the curtain, she would have seen the light…she was warming up to the challenge.

Inspired by the holiday period LifestylewithLia got creative and imagined an embroidered lace Christmas ornament / decoration; perhaps this idea came up when doing house chores, as she changed to the wrong direction again by guessing a laundry bag hanging on a laundry dryer. She missed my hint though when her guess of lace curtains seen through vertical blinds was a hot one.

It’s a curtain said trablog but he moved to a shawl and missed his track.

Time has come to come clean….

This is a sun block blind behind a curtain. It is a macro photo; the rosy color is sunlight reflecting on the blind.

The ones who came up with guesses very close to the area are: Lia, Trablog and Desley. Congratulations! Thanks everyone for participating, and to Justine, for being a fab host!

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    1. Hi, and heartfelt thank you for this award. It’s a very nice recognition to get. I think that of all these awards going around, this is the most meaningful one.
      Congratulations for being awarded too; and I totally agree with your nomination as your blog inspires us all with delicious recipes and photos and makes us healthier! Great bonus.
      I may not be able to post this week but I will do asap!
      Thanks again! 😃


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