Tea Time #1

My fellow blogger and tea lover, Justine from Eclectic Odds n Sods, launched today The Tea Time event.

In her own words: “This event is for anything related to the ‘Experience of Tea Time’.


Imagine sitting with your friends, what would surround you, what would you drink, what would you eat, what crockery would you use, what might you talk about?

When you come to tea, please bring any of these elements, it might be a recipe, or a picture of your favourite cup, a photo of dark roasted coffee, a photo of friends chatting, a bouquet of flowers on the table, a cold refreshing drink for a Summer’s tea, anything really, even a piece of artwork hung on the wall to create a lovely visual setting or perhaps you found some interesting Pinterest pictures.”

Go there and join the Tea Time.

Thanks to Justine, I learned that today is also a very special day: Andy Townend’s Birthday!  I join Justine and dedicate my first Tea and cakes to him. And lots of happiness!

Andy’s passion is photography and writing. Go and check his blog Belgian Streets; although is his birthday, he will be the one gifting you with stunning photos and words.

Cheers to Justine for organizing a lovely event that brings us bloggers together; and to Andy, wishing him many happy returns!

Fancy cake?



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32 thoughts on “Tea Time #1

  1. oh my now those look gorgeous but my eyes are drawn to the red one, what is in it? Which one did you eat first? lol and which one was the best? Are you feeling sick now having gorged on them all…grins…seriously lovely post and tribute to Andy, thank you so much for popping by, you are lucky to have such a nice cake shop nearby and I love glass teapots!!!

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    1. The red one wasn’t the best but surprisingly the green one, which I didn’t expect, as the superstar was supposed to be the chocolate one. Red one is raspberry cake, the chocolatey is called Sacher (Austrian cake), and the green one is with pistachio. Deli.
      These were mini cakes and the photo doesn’t show that; otherwise it would have been too much, but my husband helped me out. Xx

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      1. “These were mini cakes and the photo doesn’t show that” … Very funny, Lucile! I often wonder, when I take food shots for my blog, if they appear bigger or smaller than they really are?!? haha!


          1. haha now you might have to commit yourself to that and when i say commit i might mean in more way than one if you are smoking cabbages..a cabbage cake it is in a fortnight then please lucile, I can’t wait to see it…grins x


  2. Hola Lucile,
    Esta mañana vi el Evento Tea Time de Justine que me ha parecido muy agradable, y ya he pensado en unirme a él.
    He intentado copiar en mi blog la pegatina de la taza que tu tienes arriba, y no he sabido hacerlo, pues no me ha salido. Tampoco lo he conseguido con la pegatina del “Eclectic corner” o con la tuya de “Photo 101 Rehab The Clinic”
    Me podrías ayudar y explicarme como lo consigo?
    Muchas gracias y un abrazo.


    1. Mariangeles, lo siento porque yo no respondí antes su mensaje. Veo que encontró solo cómo poner la imagen y el link. Estoy siempre a mano si usted necesita cualquier información. una vez más, lo siento. abrazos.


      1. Well, I cheated and used my Keurig to make tea in a mug: that is probably a violation of tea etiquette. My college daughter is a true tea-drinker, and she is coming home soon. Maybe her arrival will generate an actual pot of tea.


  3. Thank you fellow converger! You are very kind

    I am so happy that we have come to know each other and to save so many converging good times with some lovely people from backgrounds as diverse as East Sheen and ..errrr…Patagonia!!


  4. What a lovely and elegant idea!!
    Ps: the photo of the cakes make my mouth water! Wish I had a piece for breakfast today!


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