Guessing Game #2 What’s in the Image?


The photo posted for guessing game #1 was indeed of…’cabbage’. Very green and very Dutch. So, it wasn’t Chinese, Portuguese, or all others you suggested…I had great fun reading all comments. I learnt a lot about all existing types of cabbage too. Thanks!

To those who immediately guessed it right, thumbs up! I had to send e-mails to you privately to not break the game…and give a chance to the others to guess too. It was too easy though, so I had to think of something a little more challenging today. Ready?

And here goes my 2nd photo for the event ‘Guessing Game’ at Eclecticoddsnsods hosted by Justine at the Eclectic Corner.  Go there and add your link too!

Now, guess what is in my photo? Leave your guess below in the comments.

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82 thoughts on “Guessing Game #2 What’s in the Image?

              1. Oh darn! This one is tough!!!
                I’ll be back with more ideas!!!
                Glad the weather is nice in your corner of this beautiful world!


                  1. Happy Sunday! I’m back with another guess! Is it a laundry bag hanging on a laundry dryer? You know, those net bags you wash your pantyhose in?


                    1. Oh it’s ok! Back to the lace curtains I go! Hmmm this one is really tough! Love it!
                      I’ll be back with more guesses!


  1. To wake up grey cells makes me think of tea or coffee, but a tea bag wouldn’t have those faint stripes, nor would it look like a net. I am stumped, Lucile. A washcloth, maybe, to splash water on your face?

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  2. Woohoo my first second entry thank you 🙂 now you certainly went to town on this one didn’t you? I was convinced lace but I see that is wrong and maras tarty tights is wrong too…. I need a coffee and will be back lol unless it’s some kind of bandage? X


                1. Maybe…lol…if you want me too. I just have a very good Chinese friend who educates me on the art of buying and drinking tea.
                  I got it from her once and now get it from a Chinese supplier. No, I don’t bake it.

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                    1. Ok. Recovered from laughter attack. How inconsiderate of me. I didn’t bake a cake and was on the verge of baking my previous tea…thanks for the early warning…*sigh of relief*
                      My bad manners are solely attributable to lack of oolong tea, which would have activated my thinking skills earlier. Darn..
                      But I can do that very fast and in about one hour we have a lovely one to accompany our tea ceremony. Deal? Any preferences? Going out to buy ingredients. Xx

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              1. Sounds really good actually: Oolong tea is a product made from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. This is the same plant that is also used to make black tea and green tea. The difference is in the processing. Oolong tea is partially fermented, black tea is fully fermented, and green tea is unfermented.

                Oolong tea is used to sharpen thinking skills and improve mental alertness. It is also used to prevent cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

                Some people use oolong tea to treat obesity, diabetes, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), high cholesterol and skinallergies such as eczema; and to boost the immune system.

                How does it work?
                Oolong tea contains caffeine. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart, and muscles. Oolong tea also contains theophylline and theobromine, which are chemicals similar to caffeine.


                1. Thank you so much for the information. You’re a pro!

                  I didn’t know all of that and just love the taste and the ritual to prepare it.

                  It has great benefits that I was unaware of. I drink green tea daily and this one less often to last longer… Time to buy more.

                  Thank you! Xxx

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  3. Ok, so this looks like a tough one. My first instinct is complicated. It looks like spotty shoelaces hanging behind a curtain. I can’t wait to find out what it really is…


  4. Estaba totalmente de acuerdo con eclecticoddsnsods en su respuesta… pero si no está acertada, ahora no tengo ni idea. Tendré que pensar más.
    Muchas gracias por la estupenda descripción del té Oolong, tiene algo que ver con el té rojo?


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