Double Sight

I’m used to living with doubles: I’m a Gemini in the zodiac; have double nationality; without spectacles, I see an unfocused, double version of the world; and I’m a generalist, who welcomes diverse views. So, with today’s Photo101 assignment, I’m in my element: “You and your camera are seeing double”. Hopefully with focus.

I decided not to venture outside as it’s a gray and chilly day. Instead, I snapped three inside shots.

1. Couple Kiss’s sculpture – I played with the outside natural light reflecting on one side of the sculpture – showing its silver color -, and the chandelier light on the other – making it look golden.

Couple’s Kiss Sculpture. ©2014

2. Ficus Bonsai Tree – This tree is very special, as it has been around 10 years with me.  I love its double legs-roots; everyone sees it as a woman sitting, very relaxed on the vase.


3. Porcelain of Chinese Ladies – The most difficult to capture as the white marble didn’t offer much contrast to the off-white porcelain, as well as because of the shadows. I used PicMonkey to blur the edges and make it B&W.


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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

45 thoughts on “Double Sight

  1. Lovely photos, I like the first in particular – there is an interesting sense of dysfunction between the coldness of the material and colour when compared with the passion of the embrace….or maybe that’s just me….


  2. Interesting captures. I like your experiments with lighting and yes, the introduction as well 😀
    The silver, gold experiment is nice. And it is a difficult task to capture white objects on white background. But you did a good job 🙂


  3. This is a post I don’t just like but love wholeheartedly! A very careful and thoughtful response to the prompt with beautiful photos – the sculpture is my favourite, but I wouldn’t know, I have a split mind 😉


    1. My dearest splittered-mind blogger friend – that’s what I most appreciate about you! Really? The text was easy but I struggled with the photos though. It’s great that you like them. I still think the Chinese ladies’ photo is dreadful and they look much better than on this photo…They hate me by now…


      1. I don’t think the Chinese ladies hate you, for one thing, they have absolutely no reason, and for another, they should be grateful that you elevated them from nothingness to the blogosphere…


  4. I always enjoy your contributions to this challenge, I see a great imagination in your ideas. I’m still browsing the events list every couple of days, but haven’t decided on a particular challenge. There are a few I’m interested in though.


      1. You’re welcome, and I agree. I think challenging ourselves is serious business we need to engage in. We may only know, individually, the challenges we place on ourselves, but when we succeed in conquering those challenges it can be so uplifting, and inspiring if we choose to share our victories with others. In retrospect, we may not conquer a challenge, and that’s ok, but we must remember to be gentle with ourselves, and try again. Sharing those experiences can also be inspiring. Hope you’ve been having a good day, mine has barely just begun…the house will be full in a few hours, and I will surely eat too much 🙂


        1. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! At least today, don’t bother about eating too much, as it is for a good cause! 😉 That’s what I tell me during family dinners and apparently it works…these are calories full of love and joy, so they don’t count.

          Your words are full of wisdom, and I feel experience emanating from each one of them. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Holland, but wanted to say that I’m thankful to have connected with you on the blogging world. Our interaction has been deeply meaningful; and I cherish the privilege and trust you gave me to share your doubts about blogging. You cannot imagine how happy I was to see your first post and the others now flowing on the reader!
          I am looking forward to having quality time to go through all of them this weekend, as I will have completed the Photo101 course and NaBloPoMo, which have been very time consuming.
          Cheers to you!


  5. Awesome photos Lucile, the couple sculpture really struck me. Love the nice use of different lighting and the sculpture’s concept is lovely.
    The lighting just does it justice. 🙂


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