Edgy Architecture

I know that people are used to windmills, cheese, porcelain and wooden shoes, as an image of the Netherlands.

So, I chose some samples of the modern architecture of Rotterdam, to fulfill today’s Photo101 assignment on ‘Edge’ — to show a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice.

The first four images are the inside of the Markthal , the new food walhalla of Rotterdam, which also plays as a shopping and a residential apartment complex. The little squares on the paintings are apartment’s windows. The design is abundant in lines, edges, and why not dare to say – a little precipice – as the apartments are positioned high up on the ceiling.

The second images are of the 1984 Cube houses project from architect Piet Blom. This is an aesthetically unorthodox – and edgy – urban housing project, a high-density residential model located in the heart of the city, which failed. The complex’s 40 multi-level units has been witness to a new social experiment, becoming a house for recently released convicts.

The last two images are of the new Central Station. It offers edgy views…

The aerial bombardment of Rotterdam by the Luftwaffe (German air force) on 14 May 1940, during the German invasion of the Netherlands in World War II destroyed almost the entire historic city centre, that is the reason for its mostly modern architecture.

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16 thoughts on “Edgy Architecture

  1. Some very cool shots there, from what I have seen the architecture in the Netherlands is fascinating, I’ve been to Amsterdam a few times but only ever seen Rotterdam and now need to go take a closer look…

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  2. Wow! Your photo tour of Rotterdam is so interesting! The market is so pretty and colorful and I love the modern style and the Cube houses are especially unique. The walls and windows do feel as if they’ll come down on you!
    Thanks for taking us on a tour!


  3. Very sad about the historic city center — a war’s scars never really heal, do they?

    I found all the photos interesting visually, I liked the colorful Rotterdam Markthal pictures best.


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