There is Another Sky

Sunset over the clouds in Holland ©2014
Sunset over the clouds in Holland ©2014

While flying back home (Holland) from home (Brazil)… I made this photo through the glass window.

This back and forth journey is made of both joy and longing – balancing each other out, though – so no sadness inhabits my heart. As I looked outside, I thought of this poem of Emily Dickinson.

“There is another sky,

Ever serene and fair,

And there is another sunshine,

Though it be darkness there;

Never mind faded forests, Austin,

Never mind silent fields –

Here is a little forest,

Whose leaf is ever green;

Here is a brighter garden,

Where not a frost has been;

In its unfading flowers

I hear the bright bee hum:

Prithee, my brother,

Into my garden come!”

–Emily Dickinson

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

26 thoughts on “There is Another Sky

  1. Ah yes, the sight of an airplane wing is one that is very familiar to me these days. But you’ve captured it beautifully here. What amazing light and colour. I’m always flying well after sunrise and well after sunset, so I usually miss this.


  2. I don’t like flying very much. I can’t sleep in a seat and I’m also not very good at sitting still for long periods of time. The flights from the UK to New Zealand and Australia are also so long and add to that the jetlag and the whole experience is rather awful. But I’m grateful that I get to live on the other side of the planet and without planes I probably wouldn’t be able to do that.


    1. I guess that except for pilots, the rest of us just accept it as a fast way to cross the world but there is no love involved. I hate the jetlag and all other inconveniences.
      Until 2 years ago I used to travel every week for my job, all over the world, and while people found it fascinating, they had no idea how taxing it could be and that in fact, business trips bring us from offices to offices…


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