Selfies, Women’s Self-Respect and Camaraderie

Everyone does selfies. But if you and I do it, I bet it’s only our friends and family who will say something about it.

If Kim Kardashian does it, it’s another story. I must say that I hardly know anything about the woman. In the last days already two people mentioned her latest selfie, but still I wasn’t compelled to check her out.

I just got out of a taxi and unavoidably had Kim’s butt on my face during the ride. The taxi driver offered me a magazine where she stood there as cover page and entertainment to distract me from a traffic jam!

Ok, Kim you won! I saw it, finally.
It was no surprise to read a summary of her life and depict a lot of ‘depth’ there. That she tried to make her ‘butt-selfie’ more relevant than the first ever landing of a robotic probe on a comet is not even funny.

I’m no conservative, repressed person. I don’t criticize nor condemn men or women who take care of their bodies and like to look good.
I do the same.

I just don’t get the women who exclusively prioritize the use of the outside part of their bodies, as opposed to the internal one. The use of a perhaps not pretty, but not irrelevant organ, called brains, is not on the radar.

That some men think less of women and treat them so, is abhorrent but expected. That women accept it and reinforce the misogyny, drives me mad.

What I think about this subject is a result of my life experience as a daughter and sister of 5 brothers.
The daughter learned early on that men get more privileges and freedom. The sister learned from them all the tricks of the trade of being a men. Very instructive and formative.

I use a self-righteous attitude towards any sort of discrimination but take it lightly and with humor when it’s about the old’s men vs. women equality subject. I know that this comes from my upbringing as there I learned that self-respect was key to make the men around me respect me too. That’s why I get mad at women – except those who are abducted or something worse and cannot defend themselves – for letting all other women down.

My first experience of prejudice took place in my first job as a manager of human resources of a turbines plant for a Swiss firm. There was a strike of the metal workers. When I got at the plant site the entry doors were blocked with barricades.

In short: I looked for the unions’ leader to discuss the situation. When I was brought to the man, he looked at me and said: ‘Hey, I’m sorry but I’m not talking to you. Bring me the HR boss, young lady!’ Well, I told him he was talking to the right person. The man stared at me perplexed and said: but you’re a woman! I turned to him and said: I’m afraid we don’t have enough time for a plastic surgery, sir, and you have to deal with me! We both enjoyed a moment of laughter, and went inside to negotiate.

This was the first moment in my career that I became aware of being different or less, for being a woman.

Later as an executive when invited to speak at panels about diversity and women in leadership, I have often met peers, experienced and young managers, with differing opinions about the subject. These meetings mostly didn’t trigger much change because there were only women and no men invited. Secondly, because women didn’t help each other.
Camaraderie among women, at least in my experience, and with men, could have helped turning all those talks into transformative actions.

My husband just asked me, and so will you, how did I come from Kim’s butt to women in leadership and camaraderie…

That’s exactly where these two points meet. If a group called women would understand its influence and relevance in this world, and not only share the same interests, but act together and help one another, then change could happen.

As long as the powerful women of this world – famous for their brains or butts – don’t respect each other and keep denying one another the opportunity to work together for the improvement of women’s place in society, we will continue hearing men and some women say, that this is just a talk from feminists.

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8 thoughts on “Selfies, Women’s Self-Respect and Camaraderie

  1. Great post. I often experience the “get a man” nonsense at work and enjoy breaking the news that I’m all there is…
    Kim’s pics have really had me questioning ALOT lately…. With her power in this world… I hoped for more from her. I wish these celebs would use their brain and not their butt to make a difference.

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  2. Kim Kardashian and the rest of her Star Trek named family annoy me, They crave fame so much that they parade on (un)reality TV, gets her butt out at every opportunity, all these selfies etc, She isn’t even that attractive, just one big arsed (literally) lump of fake, and I detest fake.

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  3. Hi Luci
    That was indeed a thought provoking post. Women are no lesser human beings and are equally talented as men. Both complement to each other. Simple facts but people don’t understand. You are right in saying women need to fulfil their part of responsibility. I believe somewhere during our upbringing, an element of chivalry must go into the character of everyone.

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  4. I’ve been meaning to add my two bits… This post reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago with a woman I considered a mentor of sorts. She was a Chartered Accountant in a men’s world (this was 20 years ago – maybe things have changed?) and I asked her for career advice. Her first comment… When assessing a situation: Is anyone dead? Is money missing? If you answered no, then roll up your sleeves and fix the mess. If yes, it’s obviously very bad.

    Her next advice had to do with women in the workplace. She said there were three types: women who tried to be men, women who used their sexuality for gain, and women who were true to their core, genuine. The group that was most successful and sustained it was the last.


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