Camping Is Not Fun. Here is What You Can Do.

Day 7 NaBloPoMo: What is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love? 

No offense to anyone, but I don’t like camping.

When I was a teenager I have spent many weekends camping at the beach with friends and we always had a wonderful time. If they read this now they may feel betrayed as I never said this to any of them. I actually hate camping.

What I liked was to be with them and not the way we chose to get together.
Everything you do while camping is more complicated than just staying at a hostel, a B&B or a hotel.

You go away for the weekend to rest and all you do is to work more than you would if you had stayed at home. Do you think I’m spoiled, lazy and arrogant? Nope. I have spent some time thinking about my experiences.

Think about the trip. You spend hours inside a car and most likely because of traffic jams. So you’ll be tired when you arrive at this beautiful camping destination, isolated from restaurants, hotels and noise. Great!

How wonderful! Let’s stretch a bit and start the weekend? No! Let’s assemble the tent! And hope all the pieces are there. I’ve been countless times improvising as someone always forgot something important.

Assume it is all set, now you want to eat something because you’re hungry and lost energy working on the tent business. Now you have to cook. Yes, you are somewhere remote and it’s all done by yourself.

Food arranged. Let’s check the camping premises. The collective bathrooms may be the cleanest in the world but it’s collective; that’s not my idea of stillness and privacy.

You meet and greet many people on your way and notice that you-were-not-the-only-one-planning-to-spend-the-weekend-in-isolation-at-a-remote-beach. Crowded, isn’t it?

How about sleeping inside that thing? It’s not comfortable. Punto finale. No more words on that.

Let’s enjoy the beach, sail, windsurf, run, talk, drink, walk, w h a t e v e r you like doing. That’s the part of the weekend that I like, but I warn you, that’s the only part that’s vacations, the rest is camping …and you can do it all without having to be in a tent.

You’ll understand me even better when I share with you my simple wishes for a time out, even if just a weekend.

Travel out of season, or if like me, you cannot always do that due to kid’s school schedules, look for new places and not the popular ones.
We humans are strange beings when turning in the holiday button.
We want to rest, but what we do is this: We decide to go to the same places for a holiday weekend, knowing that it will be full as a football stadium at Champions League final.

Don’t go camping. If you don’t like hotels, there are many reliable house rentals or house exchange sites that I won’t mention as I’m not advertising here.

Next time you think about camping, think about that…stay home!

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27 thoughts on “Camping Is Not Fun. Here is What You Can Do.

  1. I have not camped many times. One time in the Sequoias it was pretty but you are right the sleeping is not that comfortable. A couple of other times that had clean bathrooms and showers which was a plus. I do not like out houses. I know what you are saying. More comfortable with some conveniences like a bed and nice bathroom 🙂

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  2. I must admit…I agree 100% about camping but feel badly to tell those who enjoy it!
    I understand the beautiful nature aspect of sleeping under the stars, but I find myself needing the “creature comforts” of a hotel (i.e. hairdryer, fluffy pillows and air conditioning)!
    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!

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    1. Lol. I can’t live without a hairdyer either.. A friend once told me that if i ever did the month long ‘Santiago de Compostella’ walk in Spain, there would be a car following me with a hairdresser!

      I’ve been sleeping (not) under the stars and the magic stopped at sunrise time…am an early bird but it’s just away too early.
      Thanks for visting, Lia.


      1. That’s funny you mention the Camino since I really want to walk it but I’m weary for exactly the same reasons…. Maybe some day!


  3. Ah! No, no, no! Camping is the greatest! It just sounds like you might have been with some inexperienced people who didn’t bring the proper gear (and clearly aren’t familiar with setting up a tent!) Don’t loose hope in camping.

    Maybe do what Rachel suggested, start with glamping. 😉

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    1. I believe you that camping feels great for those who love it…
      Well, experience was nobody’s strength there! 😉 Still, with or without it, the crowded environment and lack of comfort are a no-go for me..


        1. I’ll let you know if I ever lose my mind! 😉 i saw the glamping sites and it’s indeed another level, but hey, better stiill go to a hotel…except in Zimbabwe or somewhere at the desert …that could be interesting because it is perhaps the only option.
          I post on blogHer this month; a lady teplied and added that besides all I mentioned there was the fact that mostly the women work while the husby and kids enjoy themselves…,


  4. We went camping every summer when I was a kid, and it was the only holiday we could afford. Camping is fantastic when you’re a kid, but when my family stopped going camping (and I was no longer going camping with Brownies or Guides), that was the end of camping for me. I have so many friends who love to get out into the woods for the weekend or a for a month, but all I see about it is the inconvenience, the discomfort, the lack of decent toilet facilities, and the lack of solid walls between me and any campsite neighbours with loud music, barking dogs, or screaming children. Give me a comfy bed, locking doors, nearby facilities, and a daily shower any day, thanks very much. Other people can go camping; for me, “roughing it” means two people and just one bathroom.

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        1. I’m neither. Centuries ago, before digital, I studied it and bought a pro nikon, which I don’t even use anymore. Digital made me lazy.
          I’m trying to learn new things and am happy that you like it; I mostly use my iphone. Thanks! Have a good week.


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