The Jury is Out: Am I a Professional Writer?

Today I read a post named ‘The Infamous question of Why’, written by blogger Mark Halon at ‘Making you think’.

I became immediately interested in his way of thinking; besides being a reflective post, it is very instructive too, for those who forgot why the sky is blue! Worth reading it.

‘WHY’; it happens to be the first word I spoke (kidding..need to ask this to my parents), and still is the first one that instinctively pops up in my mind when I see things.

Surprise, surprise, I asked why, when reading today’s prompt for Day 6 NaBloPoMo – Do you consider yourself a “professional blogger”? Why or Why not? What does that mean to you? 

Why would my opinion on my professional abilities (whatever that is) – as opposed to that of my readers – be that important to deserve a post? It feels like a very self-centred subject that may derail halfway people’s interest threshold.

I headed to WordPress Daily Prompt for inspiration on another theme and found Literate for a Day, inspired by fellow blogger Chic Prune, who is worth every word he writes.  Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?’

Problem solved. I’m answering the selfish question to my MacBook Air, my blogging companion and loyal buddy.

My dearest Mac, above myself, you see my behavior in its purest form and can judge if it is or not professional.

You are the first who knows how and what I think, in its most clear or convoluted format. You see my thoughts going back and forth, my ideas being instantly cut and pasted to a different paragraph, or killed with a ‘delete’ function, followed by some pauses of uncertainty on which way to go next.

You aren’t perhaps happy with my sometimes unforgiving procrastination to finish a post, but those pauses help bringing inspiration back on track. That is why I stop writing to check e-mail or Whatsapp messages, while eating chocolates for brain nurturing and recharging. Serotonin does wonders for our mood and chocolate is the answer!

You maybe would just like me to get done and over with it faster, and go into sleep mode to rest a bit. But you also know that I’m an incorrigible multi-tasking woman, and won’t let you go so easily. Let’s be fair, I’m convinced that this is Mercury’s planet fault, as I was born a Gemini under its influence.

I’m grateful for your help with possible spelling mistakes, which you diligently check and I erase; but could you please stop being so rigid with the use of passive voice? Everyone uses it anyways, didn’t you know that? And could you please leave my many browser’s windows open, without warning me that my startup disk is full, so that I can find all I want at once? I have a method, believe me.

I must confess that I cheat on you; I keep my iPhone by my side, with the WordPress app opened on ‘Photo101, The Commons’, so that I can check what is going on there and give my opinion from time to time.

If you remember well, with your help, I have already expressed on my about page that I’m not a professional writer. My definition of one, is someone who studied it, practices it, masters it, and writes for a living.

I’m just a blogger using her own voice. I am who I am. I am not ashamed to share with you my thoughts and emotions. Is that professional? It is honest.

PS. After some discussions with our readers below, and more self-evaluation, I promise to stop dropping pieces of cookies on your ‘lap-keyboard’; and to clean your ‘face-screen’ more often. Hope you’re feeling lighter and relieved, as today I moved all photos to the external hard drive. No, no, no, don’t ask me to remove the pre-historic data from my documents. Enough.





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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

27 thoughts on “The Jury is Out: Am I a Professional Writer?

  1. Like the idea of talking to your computer. We certainly spend a lot of time on it lately. I am glad I am not the only one eating chocolate while composing a new post. I ate two miniature candy bars left over from Halloween this morning. I don’t know if they improved my writing 😀


  2. ha, we all have methods don’t we. and similar to pets i think it’s best if our computers never learn to talk. that’s what really scares me when computers finally rise up and overthrow humanity, all the secrets they’ll tell 😉

    oh hey just saw your pic, is that the mac?


    1. Another day I read an article from a scientist on artificial intelligence that scared me. He said that as we perfect robots, they will be able to destroy us when detecting human fallibility.
      Yes, that is her, the mac girl (everything I have is female; bike, phone, etc.).

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  3. Oh lord occasionally I have to watch people over their shoulder typing things and it’s painful (but also kinda cool) to see their thought processes typed out and then deleted. I can’t imagine being my computer, who has to see me doing that ALL DAY LONG


    1. Ask the computer…you will have fun jotting down your thoughts. 😉
      Mine just added a new request to me: please stop dropping pieces of cookies on my keyboard…and if you do it, clean it, please! And as you are into cleaning me, go ahead and clean the screen. Maybe I should add this to the post. 😉

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  4. If my computer could speak to me, it would probably ask me to finally fix the one corner in its base that has no screw in it and pops open when the lid is lifted. It would also ask me to clean house once in a while, to organize pictures and documents and delete unneeded clutter.


  5. That is a great idea, actually–composing on one device while checking the commons on another. This was clever and thoughtful, all at the same time. Who cares if we think of ourselves as “professional” bloggers? WordPress does, not your readers. (I liked Mark’s “Why” piece, too.)


    1. Hey, you should post this one on my Ancient Proverbs Challenge. This one crosses continents! Using it with the Portuguese language, it is not two birds but two rabbits that get the hit from a cane. Portuguese goes softer on the poor animals! Funny! That is why I love to follow the proverbs trip around the world.


  6. Love this post! I can completely relate to your communication with your Mac!
    Brava…. Another enjoyable and introspective post (as always).
    Have a lovely weekend!


  7. Lucile, I have a message for you.
    It says “come on dear, of course you are a Writer! How about our relationship? Have I ever bugged to you? You’re the best ” Your humble and faithful Mac

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  8. I think your definition of writer is too narrow. Many writers struggle to make a living out of writing but I think it’s still probably fair to classify them as writers.

    If I was going to choose an object to write to it would be my bakfiets 🙂


    1. You have a point there; what I meant to say is that I don’t have a license to claim I’m one. It would be like claiming to be a doctor just because I read all about all diseases but don’t have a practice.

      These people I call writers dedicate years of study and practice to express their minds creatively.
      I like to write what’s in my mind but know I haven’t made 1/10 of the effort to polish my skills as they do, as I have chosen another craft to call profession.

      Now you got me interested…please write about your bakfiets!

      Have a nice weekend! And thanks for visiting.

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  9. I am glad my crazy mind and rants could inspire you as much as giving your mac that voice it never had. It is incredible how much our technology has become a part of our lives, and I have to agree, the stories my MacBook could tell would shock my poor mother. Conversations about life with friends, confessions to strangers, and conversations, both near and far. Out digital world has transformed us as people and how we interact with the world – just ask Siri what airplanes are overhead.

    When in life can our words reach the world with the click of a button, a letter making it across the globe in a moment of time (I will stay away the from the negatives today) Keep on writing, and being inspired. We all have something to say, and a world of readers out there — hello Canada, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Philippines, Indonesia, and China. The only difference between “professionals” and us, is that someone is nice enough to give them a paycheque, besides that, I think as bloggers we put as much heart into writing as rest.


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