Sight of Bliss

Hiking is an enduring sport, which rewards me exponentially more than the efforts I make. Reaching the top of a mountain and admiring endless stillness and beauty, blisses me out.

“When you set out for Ithaca, ask that your way be long, full of adventure, full of instruction.” –Cavafy

This photo was taken during a hike which started at the village of Grindelwald, located at 1,034 m (3,392 ft) above sea in the Bernese Alps. From there we reached First at 2,166 m (7,106 ft).

The village is surrounded by the mountains of the Faulhorn, Schwarzhorn, Wellborn, Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, Lauteraarhorn, Agassizhorn, Fiescherhorn, Mönch, Eiger, Lauberhorn and Mannlichen. You are looking at some of them.

Swiss Alps - Grindelwald trek copyright©2014.
Swiss Alps – Grindelwald trek

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

28 thoughts on “Sight of Bliss

  1. This is a beautiful picture (obvious, I know) . It’s been a long time since I read any of the British Romantic poets, but your picture made me want to go re-read Shelley’s “Mont Blanc.”

    On a more trivial level, I wonder if this Grindelwald was the inspiration for the name of J. K. Rowling’s character in Book 7 of the Harry Potter series?


  2. My Swiss husband has been pressuring me for months to spend more time in his country than in Paris next year. I must admit that you made his point 🙂 We both thank you for your great post!


  3. Hi Luci
    Nice photograph. Feels like I am also standing right there!
    I always found the Swiss Alps intriguing. One often gets to see the two facets of the mountains: the rough & raunchy terrain part as well as green & sober part.

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  4. i always think the top of a mountain is going to be the best part. but if you’re with friends and family more than half the fun is everything that happens along the way – the stops, snacks, big and small animals along the way, peering over edges you wish you hadn’t! the top’s good, but the journey up gives you perspective 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. I fully agree. It’s a beautiful mountainous country, although easier to reach and less interesting than your circumnavigation.
      I’d love to do what you’re doing now. It’s an unforgettable and fascinating experience.

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