Did I Forget Something?

Except for travel and weather forecasts, there aren’t many things with which I have a love and hate relationship.

Knowing new places attracts me like a magnet. Getting to and from somewhere is the party breaker.

My husband differs though. He thinks that just the thought of traveling and the small trip to the airport, makes him leave behind the stress of the day, and brings the image of the destination in his imagination.

It could be that I developed antibodies against pre-traveling phase, after a ‘post-traumatic-frequent-flier-syndrome’ from my corporate executive life! Experiencing the aftermath of missing flights and delays, and staying longer somewhere I hadn’t intend to, made me long for just staying home.

The uninteresting part starts with packing. I don’t like it – although years of corporate life made me a wizard, as I can easily spend a week away with just a carry on.

I like shoes. but I’m no Imelda Marcos. I still can count them and haven’t stolen money from my country coffers to have them. Is my disclaimer clear? Ok, to those who doubt me, yes, you can survive with just two pairs of shoes for a whole week.

The smart part is to fit all ‘dangerous’ items – perfume, deodorant, moisturizers, cleaning gels, make up, etc. inside those dreadful plastic sacks. I make trade offs. Not all your preferred creams come along with you; you’d better buy new ones at your destination and gain precious time by not checking in luggage.

Packed? Checked in online? Boarding pass scanned? Hotel address at hand? Passport? Telephone and charger? Computer or tablet? Books? Did I forget something? is a very relevant question. Having a small check list works wonders.

Now to the airport. I rather spend time waiting at the gate by leaving home well in advance than eating my heart raw while in a traffic jam. Public transport – depending on which place you are – is a sure choice to get you there in time. If not, book a taxi well in advance in both places. And if you’re planning on visiting touristic places, book tickets online. Remember, no lines!

Now to the passport control and security lines. If we are traveling within the European Union we may carry only our national identification and travel freely within the so-called Schengen area. That already saves some time. Security check lines’ though, are not predictable and we’d better factor some extra time to pass through them.

Made it to the gate? Great. I grab my reading gear and relax. Some say that life is the journey and not the destination. If it is about traveling, I disagree; I don’t like the hassle before and can’t wait to get to the destination.

Think of this: besides self online check in we also now do self baggage drop off. Technology is replacing old processes. I’m waiting eagerly for the day when someone invents self tele transportation and I can travel with a blink of an eye just like my husband does with his imagination.


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20 thoughts on “Did I Forget Something?

  1. Great post! So true… I love to visit other countries but the transportation part to get there is a bummer! Especially in snow or thunderstorms!!
    Who can we talk to about creating teletransportation? I’d invest in that invention!

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    1. Hi! I didn’t at all. It was difficult to cross post though and I may have done something wrong as my post is put on hold as possible spam!

      Thanks for visiting and also for the support! I visited your blog too, and saw you kicked off as well! Way to go!


  2. Your writing takes a frequent flier re-live the experience. I am sure many would be having such feelings while on tour (including me!).
    I particularly liked the vocabulary “antibodies against pre-traveling phase, after a ‘post-traumatic-frequent-flier-syndrome’”!!! That was so comic yet serious meaning. Applause….
    In spite of the expertise in planning and executing the travelling, many a times we tend to forget small things. My solution for this problem has been to have a spare kit always in the travel bag (at least toiletries). One expert trip for male travellers would be to fold the socks and put in the spare shoe you carry inside the checkin bag. Don’t know if that helps female travellers! lol…

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    1. I was also laughing when reading about the naming of the syndrome. Humor or sarcasm? helps me taking myself not too seriously.
      Good male tip! My husband does the same. Female shoes are a bit narrower though…
      Send more tips! 😉

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  3. you made me work sick 😉 Really enjoyed your post, I could feel the little travel adrenaline shot again – that usually starts the moment I am sitting in the taxi to the airport. I would just check on the basics: plane ticket, passport and credit card. I used to love the moment the hostess weighted my bag. Even without prior checking, I could bet it will never be above 8kg. See me now, traveling with the fam, the only excitement is when I hear the pilot finally announcing the landing 😛


    1. I’m sorry I got you work sick but not…😉
      It’s that adrenaline high that I dislike!
      Traveling alone is easier…family travel is another post! May be you should write that one and cross post here as my guest. How about that?

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  4. I’m with you: I love new places, once I get there, but packing takes planning (which is my Waterloo). I even have trouble committing to travel plans in the first place. Fortunately, my husband is more decisive than I am (unless I’m having a bad effect on me). If I can keep my eyes on the big payoff at the end, it is all worth it, even putting those toiletry items into the clear plastic bag.


    1. We’re buddies then! 😉
      I like the planning and I’m the official travel planner of the family. I start the trip there and that’s the journey that gets in between my plans and my destination! You’re right though, the payoff is huge and I forget all the hassle.

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  5. Nice post and you covered all the cons of travel. I only wish I could travel more. I think when you live in Europe is easier and less expensive to get to so many wonderful places. I often take too many clothes or shoes and I have also told myself that I can do just fine with less. As far as toiletries, unless it is a road trip, I tell myself I can always buy stuff at the destination if I forget or if it is too bulky to pack. I know the security check in can be a nightmare. I really like the pre-check in that was available to me recently on a short trip to San Francisco. I had to pay for it but I got to go in the fast line.

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    1. I am going to add a few more cons after this weekend’s trip. Some new ideas occurred to me…never a dull moment.

      It’s true. In Europe we travel easily from one country to another in a few hours and have affordable flights, even cheaper than train tickets. Going by car is also a good option.

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