Brevity Beats History…

…And that happened in January 2014, during a guided tour to the ‘Teatro Amazonas’ in Manaus, Brazil as I visited the Opera House together with my husband, my sister and her 6 years old granddaughter.

We listened to the theater’s history and the founder’s biography; “Flush with cash due to the thriving rubber export business, Brazil’s plantation barons were looking for conspicuous ways to spend their money at the end of the 19th century. Building a grand opera house in the middle of the rainforest was the obvious choice.”

When the guide asked the group if anyone had further questions, Luisa – the granddaughter – raised her hand. Her initiative made us once again very proud of her quick wittedness.

Well… said Luisa, when are we finally going to eat something?

Brevity is the soul of wit. We didn’t know yet that brevity beats history.

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Teatro Amazonas


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