Everyone hates Mondays…with or without a job.

And today is just another Monday. Those who have jobs would rather stay home or go on vacations.
Those without jobs, and having all the time of the world to do all they dreamed about when they had jobs, and felt confined at offices like prisoners, now dream about going back to their old cages!
How many of you are out there thinking in that way?

This is my first post. I am going to share with you experiences about the world of work and the things that are happening out there. My take is that you can relate to most of these experiences. It happens to you too. It happens to all of us. Sharing experiences here will be a way to create awareness, help one another and most importantly, change things for the better. So, let’s start.

I just talked to my best friend after she had just been through a job interview. She’s about to lose her job and is actively looking for a new one.

Unemployment is skyrocketing everywhere, and became the ‘new normal’, but still there are so many unprepared job interviewers, who don’t read resumes in advance, and ask the same silly, standard questions, from an old handbook full of prejudices, where the main belief is that if you lost your job, there is something wrong with YOU! People got used to repeat themselves, unforgivably, because unconsciously they feel more powerful. They are job holders after all.

‘Why did you lose your job? Why aren’t they extending your temporary contract? Why would you apply for this job, which is not exactly matching your profile, as we are looking for something else? You are overqualified… or underqualified’, and that list goes on and on!

What is missing here is a twofold experience. Experience to select and interview people with professionalism, respect and intelligence. What would make the use of both people’s time more efficient and the recruiter process more productive.
Experience with self-unemployment, to empathize and understand that this event is one of the most stressing in someone’s life journey, and for that people deserve more respect.
Currently, even the ones who left their jobs at their own will, and are trying to get back to the job market, are facing the same difficulties. There are less jobs. That is the answer. Period!

I haven’t ever had so many talks with people, who have lost their jobs. And I am sick and tired of watching how some members of the world of work behave, with an appalling anachronism.
From headhunters to the lowest level of recruiters, the job industry’s processes and mindsets are somewhat similar to the old and tried ones as used in politics, even applying a bit of cronyism.

Of course it is wrong to make generalizations, and there are always exceptions. That is my caveat!

Having said that I dare to say that the HR profession has not evolved enough in decades to innovate, humanize, and create contemporary ways of working that serve a purpose to the ways we think and live today. HR has not yet seriously gone through a review of the old HR policies and processes used since Taylor.

Am I kidding you? HR keep talking about being a business partner, gaining more respect, sitting at the board table, not noticing why isn’t yet there. Go to conferences, read books, go to networks, research… and find out the ‘new’ forced raking methodology, the new performance appraisal, the new high potential program, new talent acquisition… and then you conclude that these methods and jargon go way back without renewal. Worse than that, they educate and guide the entire job industry. Just as an example, read this:


We ought to change this. It may happen to you too!

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Sharing sights & insights captured with diverse angles. Ex-corporate, now my own boss. Cycling, hiking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing and photography, are no longer only hobbies listed on my resume. It's what I do when I want.

4 thoughts on “Everyone hates Mondays…with or without a job.

  1. Moral of the story? Don't blog on Mondays! 😀

    Seriously, I think we use the word “hate” too liberally. It is expensive. It costs us relationships that could have been, opportunities that could have happened and above all, wrinkles that we can do without!

    Find a way to accept everything, including Mondays.


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