With Only Her Thoughts For Company

I saw this woman sitting on a bench, staring at the wall of a shop. Lost in thoughts.

My first reaction was to admire her beautiful face, and for that I wanted to make a gorgeous portrait.

As always, I tried to make eye contact to ask if I could make the photo. No reaction. I shot it anyways. No reaction.

I felt sad, looking at her, when I noticed that her absent expression perhaps denoted unhappiness, anger or simply loneliness. I sat at the bench, and stayed there a few more minutes, just looking at her, to keep her (unsolicited) company.


“When we are unhappy, we can’t help thinking that certain images are armed with claws and stingers to torture us with.”


Go Winter

We live in a hurry whilst everything else stands still.

We stop seeing what is before us.

We don’t feel what is inside us.

We miss the point. We misjudge. We err.

We are hurrying to nowhere.

Go winter. Says my Acer tree.

It is cold. It is dark. The tree hibernates calmly. Waits.

Waits till winter ends. Preserving and restoring.

Go winter. Says my Acer tree.

No run. No hurry.

It is going to be Spring again.

It always does.