Go Winter

We live in a hurry whilst everything else stands still.

We stop seeing what is before us.

We don’t feel what is inside us.

We miss the point. We misjudge. We err.

We are hurrying to nowhere.

Go winter. Says my Acer tree.

It is cold. It is dark. The tree hibernates calmly. Waits.

Waits till winter ends. Preserving and restoring.

Go winter. Says my Acer tree.

No run. No hurry.

It is going to be Spring again.

It always does.


Back in 2005, whilst visiting India, I made these pictures, using a simple Canon PowershotS40.

In the first photo, this mother’s facial expression speaks of her anticipation of what the future might bring for her son.


She was also very proud and happy. It was a very special moment for all of us, and I was grateful to register that moment with my camera.


WP Photo Challenge: Anticipation