Double Rainbow 


There are days when one is just not enough. Yesterday was such a day. 

When appreciating a nice summery day with family, all of a sudden a shower spoiled the fun. Until moments later, when this double rainbow appeared. To call it remarkable would be an understatement.

Taking off

I have shot this image with an iPhone, while taking off from Amsterdam to Switzerland. 

I’m not on vacations and that was just a business trip. I thought of many of you though, who are already or will soon be going for summer holidays. I just wanted to wish you a fabulous time! Enjoy it. 

Put Into Perspective

After Brexit, I need to spend some time putting things into perspective. I am confused with the world right now ,and with the reasons people use to take long lasting decisions.

It looks like decisions that affect a whole nation for the long term, don’t need anymore a sound rationale with facts and evidence.

I followed the last debate on BBC and at times I thought i was watching a marketing campaign. For me it’s puzzling that so many people take such far reaching decisions based on so little information. 

What’s your view on this?


Above and Beyond Beauty

Making photos of beautiful youngsters is not what drives me to photography, although I do it occasionally, as in my last post Band of Friends. My blogger friend BadFish points out that I should stop doing it and return to shooting photos of a certain beautiful bridge that you can see as the header of this blog as well as photos of elderly people.  There you go. Here it is Baddie!

As some of you know, what really interests me is to capture beautiful, expressive senior citizens, whose faces make me curious to talk to them, learn from them, and never be afraid of getting old.